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Feb 4, 2007 06:14 PM

Lunches to take to work?

Inspired by one of the prevoius posts, what are some good lunches to take to work? Something different. I dont ususally make sandwiches beacuse I think they get "soggy" by the time I eat my lunch.

I have a limited regime so far but this is what I do make:
Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with Italian Tuna/Capers
Croissants with Dilled Chicken Salad
Spinach Salad with Bacon and Goat Feta
Cucumber Salad with Mint and Goat Feta
Chicken Enchiladas with Black Beans and Mexican Rice

For Snacks:
Banana, Apple and Provalone and Crackers.
Hardboiled Egg and Crackers

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  1. Assuming you have access to a microwave, it's hard to beat leftover risotto :-)

    1. i love spicy peanut noodles... ina's recipe is great (made it today, but used only 1/2 the oil) and sometimes I will throw in some chicken for my protein

      any left overs from dinner.

      1. I made today, smoked turkey (for me) and roast beef (for hubby) rolled in a low carb lavosh w/ a liitle mustard and a little mayo -YUM. (took them for our after hike picnic). I also like smoked turkey wrapped around apple slices. I accompany w/light Baby Bel cheese.Small salad carrots are nice sometimes too. Just a few for the crunch and sweetness.

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        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          ^that sounds the apples turn brown tho?

          1. re: jewels_vancouver

            I don't mind if they do a little. You can squirt w/ a little citrus on them to keep from getting brown.

        2. indian food reheats wonderfully. put some basmati rice in one of those single-serving, microwaveable, reuseable containers and top with some kind of saucy vegetable. it doesn't even have to be indian. thai and chinese also work great (with appropriate rice).

          just pop those in the freezer and grab one each day on your way out. since i'm vegetarian and none of the lunches i bring contain meat, i just leave them on my desk to defrost until lunch and then heat for two to three minutes when it's time.

          stews also reheat nicely. nothing reheats like leftover lasagna.

          if you're looking for no-heat foods, i'm a fan of bringing a container of mixed vegetables to snack on. cheese and crackers is nice, but a bit indulgent. hrm... yes, this gets a lot more difficult if you assume no microwave. i'd probably do a search for recipes that end with "serve at room temperature."

          edited to add: i tried it out and searched on "serve at room temperature" and found this article: about sineibe who decided to look for recipes for room termperature food for work =


          edited once more to add: hummus and pita is nice, as is quinoa salad (or wheatberry salad or any other kind of cold grain salad).

          1. My new favorite lunch at work is Goya Black Bean soup (with the red label) over brown rice (I buy the Success rice individual bowls) with sour cream and cheese.

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            1. re: Janet from Richmond

              I've been following Weight Watchers and this is a great lunch for me too. I put Amy's Organic black bean & vegetable soup over brown rice and use fat-free sour cream. I usually hate fat-free sour cream (that's why I need Weight Watchers!), but when you mix it in, you can't tell the difference.