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Feb 4, 2007 05:56 PM

Frozen yogurt anywhere?

Does anyone know where I can get nonfat frozen yogurt or gelato in Italy? Specifically Florence, Rome and Venice?

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  1. I wouldn't bet my life on it but I understand that the fruit flavors of gelato like strawberry or mango etc are made with fruit and water. That would be nonfat in my book, no? I have also seen frozen yogurt here and there so I can confirm it's in Italy but maybe not as easily found as you would like.

    1. If it's just made with fruit and water, then it's sorbetto, not gelato - right?

      1. This gelateria (see photo) has at least 2 kinds of frozen yoghurt in the display case. It's located just off Campo de' Fiori in Rome. Sorry, I don't know the name.

        1. for low or nonfat options you might try granita?

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              like frozen juice, a slushy texture, but more solid than slush.

          1. The "yoghurt" gelato found in Italian gelaterias isn't like our American frozen yogurt, and can't possibly be nonfat. It is, however, extremely tasty. Its creamy and slightly sour. My favorite gelato combination, which I always order when I'm in Italy, is a mixture of yoghurt and frutti di bosco (mixed berry fruits).