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Feb 4, 2007 05:32 PM

Tasty mid-range in Ft. Worth?

I'll be in Ft. Worth next week on business and would like a sligtly offbeat, but really good place to take a client to lunch. Pretty much anywhere in central Ft. Worth area is fine. ISO something different and tasty, but not too expensive. Any ideas?

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  1. Nonna Tata on W. Magnolia. Small 912 tables] go early or late. Great Italian.

    1. !@ ttables nor 912. sorry

      1. Angelo's BBQ, on White Settlement, is really good, inexpensive, and a little offbeat. I see plenty of men in suits eating there every time I go, too, but maybe a paper plate of perfect pork ribs and an ice cold Big Red isn't formal enough for what you have in mind.

        In that case, a slightly higher-end option might be Lanny's Alta Cocina Mexicana, which isn't too unreasonably priced for a business lunch, I think.

        1. A block or two west of Angelo's on white settlement is Jack's off the wall. It's been there about a year and offers a relaxed atmosphere and great food.

          1. Jack's? Ewwwww.

            What do you mean by offbeat?

            Interesting food? Try Byblos Lebanese on North Main.

            Off-the-beaten-path? Go to Drew's Place on Horne south of Camp Bowie for catfish, or Mi Cocinita in a family's backyard for tamales and tacos (lunch only Wed-Fri)