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Feb 4, 2007 05:28 PM

Grapefruit juicer?

I like fresh grapefruit juice. Smaller juicers are awkward for grapefruit. Is there a good, manual graprefruit juicer?

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  1. They're not manual) but if you happen to already own a Cuisinart, there was an optional citrus juicing attachment that included three different reamers--one for lemons and limes, one for oranges, and a large one for grapefruit. It works very well. This is it: . The reamers themselves nest for storage; the one shown is the one for grapefruit. I'm guessing it's cheap because it was probably discontinued.

    1. Go on Ebay and find an old level-arm-gear-and-rack citrus press (like the old Rival Juice-o-Mat or a newer one from Metrokane).. if you are using it a lot, its worth having one in your kitchen.

      1. The original comment has been removed