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Feb 4, 2007 05:27 PM

restaurant supply store in Boston?

I would love to go wander. Anyone know where a good one is?

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  1. i think there are several in china town... but quality is questionnable.

    1. a soux at Spire suggested Eastern Bakers' Supply, but even he had mixed feelings:

      I haven't been, myself.

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      1. re: enhF94

        I love wandering around Eastern Bakers. Pair it up with a North End shopping trip and you've got yourself a fun excursion.

      2. depends what you're looking for, but i've been to that chinatown one, and eastern bakers. both serviceable and much better prices than hardware or cookware stores.

        1. I use Eastern Bakers all the time, quite like the service and the prices, though it's geared to professionals, and only open 8a-4:30pm Mon-Fri.

          1. thanks--I'm surprised there aren't more, but that's a start!

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            1. re: lwarwick

              There are lots in the area, it sort of depends on where you want to look and you could get more detailed suggestions (there are options in Newmarket Sq, Chelsea, Newton, So Shore, Worcester -- just about anywhere you could imagine).

              One note about Eastern Baking -- for Cash and Carry they provide a discount over the prices marked on items (which are the catalog list prices). Also when you do browse there, also browse the True Value hardware store on Salem street for gadgets and italian oriented supplies (cannoli tubes, etc). Not cheap, but when you need a gasket for a Moka pot...

              Also, for heavy aluminum pans of all sizes Building 19 right now has a huge selection. Not super cheap, but considering the large size pretty reasonable.