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Jun 4, 2005 01:20 AM

Chayito's burritos-San Mateo/San Carlos

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Best burritos I have ever had and it's been gone for probably 10 years. Anyone know what happened to them? They had 3 locations and the marinated steak they used in their burritos was heaven on earth. I've never had better.

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  1. Try Super Burritto in Millbrae. They are the baest burrito north of Redwood City.

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    1. re: Randy

      On your advice, I did. Really tasty, thanks! I'll definitely be going back, and it's up there among my favorites in that area. The other that comes to mind is La Azteca in RWC. Different styles of burritos, but I've been going to La Azteca for many years.

      However, may Chayito's rest in peace -- still unsurpassed, in my book.