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Feb 4, 2007 05:19 PM

Santa Barbara Restaurants

We're traveling with another couple to Santa Barbara in summer. Any suggestions, either seafood, or just excellent food in general for a special dinner?

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    1. Put "Santa Barbara" into the search engine for this forum and you will find posts that typically recommend the same places which will get you started on your Santa Barbara dining experiences.

      Plus without more information about your tastes, budget and/or dining expectations it is really hard to know what exactly to recommend. Dining here has lots to offer - almost too much for a single experience so see if you can help us out a bit more than just your general request. That would help us focus our answers a lot. Thanks.

      But first take a look at all the prior recent posts and see if that can narrow down your likes and dislikes. ELEMENTS has a wonderful location across from the courthouse building and gardens which is spectacular lighted at night -that could be a winner. But no one seems to consistently recommend the food.

      So what matters most to you, because each restaurant in this town has both strengths and weaknesses. Few to none are terrible, and few to none are 100% spectacular. But lots have good and bad features and there is a collection of pretty darn good - but at what level and for what tastes?