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Feb 4, 2007 05:15 PM

Princess Cake Los Angeles?

When I lived in SF, a group of 'hounds held a princess cake tasting and their efforts resulted in a fantastic list of bakeries that specialize in princess cake. Are there enough princess cake bakers in LA for us to do the same? So far I know of these places:

Viktor Benes' (Century City)
Sweet Lady Jane (West LA)
Berolina (Glendale)

Where do you get your favorite princess cake?

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  1. Sweet Lady Jane, WeHo (Melrose) -- whoops you already have that one. Sorry. (edit)

    1. You have Victor Benes, but it's not only in Century City. Benes has bakeries at a lot of Gelsons, including Encino, Sherman Oaks, and North Hollywood. Each has the Princess Cake.

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        Yup, the Gelson's in Pasadena at the Paseo Colorado has Viktor Benes bakery goods too. I assume they are at every Gelson's, but I may be wrong.

        I had their princess cake once. It was a gift, actually, and I was scared of it, because of the smooth covering (marzipan?) on the cake. I thought it might be gross.

        I was actually pleasantly surprised with the taste, texture and freshness of it in the end (from the marzipan to the cake to the filling). My friends also liked it, and there were no leftovers.

      2. Berolina is my fave, but I believe that Federico's on Colorado in Pasadena does it also.

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          Yes, Federico's does make a very nice princess cake. We served one once for our little princess' birthday.

        2. Bailey's Bakery in Beverly Hills does one.

          1. What exactly is princess cake? I am very intrigued.....

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            1. re: dotrat

              Here's a fairly accurate description:

              I did a similar taste test in NoCal when I was last there.