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Feb 4, 2007 04:43 PM

west village picks

will be in west village for 3 days next week, what are the dont miss spots.
(we know mary's fish camp)
thanx gt

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  1. Wallse (wonderful Austrian food!)

      1. re: bobby06877

        Pappardelle with sweet sausage ragu. Da Andrea is the best $10-12 you can spend west of 7th ave.

        1. re: gwichandwashington

          Visiting from Toronto - tried Da Andrea last night based on recommendations from this thread.

          Had a great meal (beef carpaccio, papardelle, artichoke ravioli, tiramisu) - not fancy, but hearty and delicious. Very satisfying for cold, winter night. Restaurant filled with locals - a younger crowd (mostly 20-30s) - obviously lots of repeat customers. Service very friendly and accommodating. Felt like we'd happened on one of those great neighbourhood spots. Thanks for directing us to such a delightful place.

      2. Rocco's, for cannoli
        Faicco's Pork Store, for Italian Subs
        Hudson Bagels
        The Little Owl

        1. Crispo, Lupa, or Po for Italian
          Little Owl
          Snack Taverna for Greek
          For brunch: Cornelia St. Cafe, Deborah, Extra Virgin, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Agave, good, Tavern on Jane, Jane
          For snacks: Faicco's, Murray's Cheese Shop, Rocco's, Cones, Chocolate Bar

          Most people would recommend Pearl Oyster Bar over Mary's--I think they're about the same level and don't really love either of them

          1. I'm not sure it rises to the level of "can't miss," but you might want to get a couple of bing (sesame buns) at Roll and Dough, 3rd St. just west of 6th Av. They're very good and very cheap and make a good breakfast or lunch.