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Feb 4, 2007 04:29 PM

Need restaurant suggestion - bday with inlaws

I get to choose and want a place I've never been to that is medium priced with great food and a fun atmosphere and not too many ingredients on the menu that we haven't heard of. I went to Five Points a long time ago and really loved it so something similar to this is what I'm thinking. Thanks for any input, advice or suggestions!!

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  1. Artisanal
    Babbo - you will know enough of the ingredients to have a fabulous meal

    1. Thanks, we are on the same page! Love both those places but would like to try something new. Going to L'Impero with husband for birthday, been to USC, Gotham, Tabla, 11 Madison Park & love these as well. Any other suggestions. Thanks so much!!

      1. lupa (so fun), bar americain (amazing food and energy), a voce (one of the best new places i tried in 2006), craft (interesting menu and great tasting food), blt fish (beautiful space to take the inlaws)

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          Thanks, I will check them out! I've been to Lupa a bunch of times & love it but it might be a little cramped & noisy for the inlaws.

          1. re: LisaJB

            I cringe when I read someone describe the food at Bar Americain as "amazing." The food we had during our one dinner there can best be described as awful. It was particularly disappointing since we've had some very good food at Bobby Flay's Bolo.

            While we thought the food at A Voce was delicious, the insanely high noise level has kept us from going back. Not a good place for conversation with the in-laws unless you're all into shouting. Or, go very early before the room fills up.

            Even if you've previously been to Gramercy Tavern, you might want to consider going there now since new chef Michael Anthony's own menu is in place, along with desserts by the new pastry chef. While we haven't dined in the main dining room yet, the food we had in the Tavern Room very recently was excellent.

            1. re: RGR

              Maybe you should try it again. I have been there many times and have loved it every single time. And, everyone I have recommended it to has loved Bar Americain as well. Also, maybe it's just a matter of opinion. If you don't like it, that's fine, but why be so negative about it?

              1. re: nyccookie

                If you truly agreed that people are entitled their opinions, then you wouldn't be suggesting that I not be "so negative."

                I am sometimes willing to give a restaurant a second chance if there are at least some redeeming qualities about the food. In the case of Bar Americain, the food was horrible. Even my husband, who is much more foregiving than I am, was appalled. And, to add insult to injury, it was extremely expensive. Thus, there is no way we'd ever consider returning there.

                Because it's a restaurant run by a famous chef, I think many people feel that the food must be excellent and if it isn't, they're reluctant to say so. I am not. To me, Bar Americain is a classic case of the emperor having no clothes.

                If you love going there, by all means, continue to do so. I prefer to spend my dollars elsewhere.

                1. re: RGR

                  I agree, just because a famous chef runs a restaurant does NOT mean that the food is great. Most times, it's even worse and I am very underwhelmed.

                  I do truly believe that people are entitled to their own opinion. But, you constantly put down others' opinions and don't see how people can like a restaurant so much if you disagree which was the reason for my reply.

                  I couldn't care less about Bobby Flay but I did think the particular restaurant was excellent, esp after going so many times.

        2. Giorgio's of Gramercy, Red Cat

          1. Red Cat, Harrison, Mermaid Inn -