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Feb 4, 2007 03:43 PM

Food Blogs in Major US Cities Other than NY/LA/SF?

I am hoping some Chowhounds can point me to restaurant-focused food blogs in other major U.S. cities - like Chicago, Portland, Miami, Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Dallas, Phoenix - etc? I have a pretty good handle on LA, NY and SF - and of course my own home town - San Diego, but if you know of a good new one in one of those areas, please let me know. I am looking for blogs with at least some restaurant content - 50% or so.


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  1. Go to, and search for food blogs. There are quite a few listings you may find interesting.

    1. Thanks, but I'm actually looking for input from people who live in these cities (and others) regarding foodblogs they enjoy - not just a general source of listings.

      1. For Phoenix, you might want to check out Michele Laudig's blog "Chow Bella" ( which lists the various food blogs in the Valley of the Sun.

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        1. re: Seth Chadwick

          Seth is modest and therefore does not promote his own, which is quite well regarded:

          From either his or Michele's, there are links to several others that serve the Phoenix area.

          On a more general note, one observation I have made is that some of the restaurant blogs in the very largest cities (NY, LA, etc.) are gossipy and include news of chef comings-and-goings, insider information, etc. In some other cities, the food blogs tend to focus more on reviewing restaurants from an ordinary customer's perspective.

          1. One of my favorite food blogs in Boston is which has lots of interesting information on restaurants in the Boston area. I get a lot of ideas for restaurants from this site.