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Feb 4, 2007 03:29 PM

Birthday Dinner on a Budget in DF?

We will be in Mexico City for my husband's birthday. We're traveling on a budget, so unfortunately, Aguila y Sol is out. Any other interesting restaurants for under $70/two people? We'll be staying in Roma and heard good things about Photo Bistro. Thanks in advance.

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  1. we had lunch and drinks at the restaurant at condesa df, and we found it very creative and delicious. we had guac with pomegranate, fried stuffed zucchini blossoms, two soups, and two cocktails for about $50. they also served the best bread we had in df. the restaurant is in a kind of atrium, so you have a view of the sky. i think it would be very romantic and delicious, and definitely in your price range.

    1. Try this place: I've eaten here twice and enjoyed it thoroughly. It's not expensive, the food is great, and they have live music. AND--it's easy to get to, not far from Metro Ermita.

      1. The Hip Kitchen at the Hippodrome hotel (Av. Mexico, just north of Sonora) might be another option like Condesa DF - it's new boutique hotel. Price, really, is all depending on how much you drink and eat honestly, even Aguila y Sol woud be find if you eat small. Entrees are around 18-22 and there's a great selection of wine around $30.

        Bellaria in Polanco (italian), Bistro Harlequin in la Cuauhtemoc (french bistro), Bistrot Mosaico in la Condesa (french), All of these are very solid examples of their food, but nothing wildly innovative. Monica Patino's Naos on Palmas and MP Bistro on Andrés Bello in Polanco are other options.

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          Most of these places (except for Cristina's reccomendation) are just as expensive as Aguila y Sol. El Bajio (either the old one or the new one in Polanco, which is open at night) is a more budgety option but is festive for a birthday dinner. And there's always Cafe Tacuba....

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            Thinking of Bajío... What about Villa María or Valentina? They certainly are festive, probably the most festive places we've mentioned. Music, tequila, and good food....