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Feb 4, 2007 02:04 PM

True CH: Ertiqa, Sharjah, UAE

I hope I am recalling the spelling of the name correctly. This is a hole in the wall that is two blocks behind the Millenium hotel in Sharjah, UAE. I don't remember the street address but you go out the front door of the Millenium walking, turn left, when you come to the parking lot turn left again, go through the narrow alley way by the mosque and there it is. This is a TRUE chowhound find.

While in Sharjah last week I ate there three times. We were always the only non-Indians in there. Moreover there were never any women. This is a workers diner and it does a brisk carry out business. The daily special is usually 2 dirhams and we ate fabulously each night for 6 to 10 dirhams. This is the genuine article - outstanding down home indian!

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