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Feb 4, 2007 01:56 PM


Hey all,

I have a gift card for yamashiro, have read that the food is mediocre at best (???) so not overly concerned about the price as I am not really paying for it. Want to just make the best of it and order something that is good. Avoiding red meat and sushi as we are pregnant. Any ideas?
Also, can I sneak in with a dressy top and neat jeans or is that too cas?

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  1. People in LA wear all sorts of stuff there. Frankly, a dressy top and neat jeans seems fine.

    If you avoid red meat and sushi, there isn't much left for you but the fsh dihes.

    I found the food below par, though. If there is a yellowtail collar or miso sea bass or cod, get that.

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      thanks Diana. The doc says to get fish at least once per week so this will meet my fish quota. I am going to see if hubby wants the Kobe beef as that is supposed to be good (???). Any others that have been recently and had any WOW experences or what to get suggestions?

    2. This will probably ruin my foodie cred or something, but I really didn't think the food was mediocre -- I thought it was good for that type of pan-Asian food. We liked the lamb chops and the black cod, and I enjoyed the sides like black rice and apple coleslaw. And it's certainly a great space.


        Web site with menu. They have crab cakes, lobster, chicken, ribs, pork chops along with the normal sushi and beef - so you should be able to find something to eat.

        1. While the food is not that great, it certainly isn't all bad and definitely no worse than many Japanese restaurants around town (like Sushi Roku or Hump).

          Go and enjoy the view and (free!) food.

          1. omg i had the worst meal ever there. but i'm japanese.