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Feb 4, 2007 01:56 PM

Posole! venue and/or recipe me fellow chows

I think that says it all - I'm waitng for my first experience of this dish - please make it a good one - Thank you!

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  1. By all means post posole venues here. But please post posole recipes to the Home Cooking Board: . Thanks!

    1. Many of the best pozole places tend to only serve it on the weekends, so you should check with them if you are planning to go during the week. There are three excellent places for this dish that I can recommend unreservedly. First Tere's on Melrose. Mi India Bonita, (which also has probably the best albondigas soup in LA) is another outstanding choice. Finally Teresitas Family Restaurant in East LA has terrific Mexican food - pozole included.

      1. Tere's Mexican Grill
      5870 Melrose Ave # 101
      Los Angeles, CA 90038
      (323) 468-9345

      2. MI India Bonita Cafe
      4731 E Olympic Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90022
      (323) 267-8505


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          1. Alegria on Sunset has a good chicken pozole not really traditional but tasty. They give you romaine lettuce instead of cabbage to put and fresh herbs instead of dried