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HELP! I put too much unsweetened chocolate in my chili!

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So I overestimated how much unsweetened chocolate to put into my Super Bowl chili.

As a secret ingredient, it's AWESOME, but it's also too much.

What can I do to blunt the bitterness of the chocolate? Help, please! It's simmering away and kickoff is in an hour!

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  1. only thing i can think of would be sugar to balnce the bitterness. and maybe a little more hot pepper?

    1. Take some out and try adding a little sugar or quick caramelize some tomatoes in olive oil (good quality) and add it to a bowl to taste--if it works, add it to the pot. Caramelizing will sweeten the tomatoes and change the taste of the chili without adding sugar. Caramelizing would mean cooking down until the tomatoes are denatured, slightly brown but NOT burnt.

      And add more beans if beans be in it.

      1. Can you add a can or 2 of crushed tomatoes? Maybe add a beer? I'd add honey versus sugar (as mentioned above) to balance things out if you have it.

        1. I like the idea of adding a beer, but will that really help? Or maybe another 1/2 cup of red wine... there's already a cup of red wine in there, so that might help.

          I'm also going to check and see if there's more tomatoes to add in. Would tomato paste help?

          1. Tomato paste is quite sweet so it might, but you might want to saute it first as it has a very characteristic cheap flavor raw. Cook it down with some wine or some beer?

            1. This might sound weird, but some grated peeled apple might do the trick, or even a can of jellied cranberry sauce.

              These ingredients would add more depth than would plain sugar or honey.

              1. Don't forget to add back some chili powder since you're going to dilute it.

                1. what did you do?? what happened??

                  1. I split the difference with a little sugar, let that simmer in, then a little wine. I was out of tomatoes, and it was spicy as all get-out, so I wasn't diluting the spice too much.

                    It worked, especially with some chips and sour cream, but certainly wasn't saved outright. Next time, though, I'll use a fraction of the chocolate and have some kick-ass chili.

                    Thanks for all thelp help!