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Feb 4, 2007 01:15 PM

Tony Luke's RIP

I went for the first time since the renovations-tables and bar were OK even though I missed the old concrete box sliding window decor. I immediately knew something was not reviews on the wall and the name of the place is now "Shorty's". I almost walked out but I saw a Tony Luke's neon sign over the takeout window. I carefully ordered the roast pork special-no longer referred to as the Roast Pork Italian but the ingredients were the same-pork,provolone (but not sharp) and broccoli rabe. This must still be the place. But to my horror the cheese was tasteless, the bread a limp soggy mess and the ultimate insult-the broccoli rabe had no garlic!I almost cried when I was done hoping maybe I had made a mistake and Tony Luke's had moved somewhere else. What the :)+:?"!@'"/ happened?

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  1. Where was the location you went to? I've been there about 3-4 times since the renovation. Its been a few weeks, but the sign said TONY LUKE'S out front. Its more of a bar setup now with TVS and booze, but the roast pork is still great! Its on 9th Ave between 41st and 42nd Street (on the east side of the street). The owner said that with the old setup, business dropped off right after 6pm. TL wasn't a destination late at night for takeout and that a bar would at least draw people. I know he does 80s night on Thursdays and ladies night as well to get more people in.

      1. Had a falling out with the original company...I think the sandwiches taste just as good as before though