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Feb 4, 2007 12:12 PM

El Delfin report

Last month I posted a query asking for help locating a restaurant that would excite my palate but take it easy on the palate. One recommendation, for El Delfin, seemed particularly intriguing because it's in my neighborhood.

The restaurant is on 24th Street, a quick three or four block walk from the BART station, a quick and pleasant stroll past innumerable taquerias. In the past three weeks, I've been three times. Each time my server has been the co-owner, with her husband working his magic behind the stove. The walls are painted with colorful (if somewhat disturbing) murals of conquistadors invading Mexico.

The menu is heavy on fish, with offerings that include prawns, salmon and red snapper. There are also meat options as well as enchiladas and tamales. So far I've had the caldo de pollo, volcan en molcajete, and camarones al chile chipotle.

The caldo de pollo, chicken soup, was stunning. At heart, I love simple food done really, really well. The broth was rich, savory and nicely fatty without being oily. My small soup included a chicken breast and thigh, meat falling from the bone, as well as corn still on the cob, zucchini, and other chopped vegetables. Rice, tortillas, and a little plate of diced onion, jalapeno and cilantro were served alongside.

Next up: volcan en molcajete. On my first visit, I noticed that most of the other diners had ordered this dish, which is served in a distinctive lava-black bowl. Tender meat is piled in a bowl with red sauce, a whole chunk of cactus, and a split sausage, sprinkled with crumbles of soft, mild white cheese. I really enjoyed this, but my boyfriend found the sour tang overwhelming.

Finally: camarones al chile chipotle, prawns in a chipotle cream sauce. This was a show-stopper, with a rich, complex sauce and perfectly cooked prawns. You have a choice of fries or beans on the side. We chose fries, which were not particularly crisp, but served a purpose in soaking up some of the delicious sauce.

Also of note--I particularly like the chips here, which are served free of charge while you peruse the menu. Fried on site and sometimes served fresh out of the hopper, they're a great platform for the tastes that follow. I look forward to trying the guacamole appetizer in a future visit.

The service is warm and helpful. Each time I've been, the owner has been really lovely--making recommendations, greeting frequent diners, visiting some tables to admire babies and ask after relatives. If this woman is not already running for mayor, I suggest that she get on the ticket. I can't wait to return and I thank you, Maya, for recommending this fabulous restaurant.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm glad other chowhounds are enjoying this only visit was the chowhound dinner in December, but I hope to go back very soon!

    Dave MP

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      From your report like you guys had a great time--and for $14 a head, that was a steal. I didn't note in my report that the prices were very reasonable for this quality of food. You can get out of there for under $10 with the bowl of soup, or have a feast for two for under $30.

      I saw a few couples there on dates, and actually I think El Delfin would be a great place to filter potential mates. Think that the neighborhood is too scary? Not willing to try any non-taco Mexican? Prefer to join the crowd at Luna Park? You fail!

    2. I totally agree- the owner is wonderful! Try the moles and achiote next time, if they're available. And definitely do not neglect the guacamole.

      1. I can vouch for the guacamole. It's some of the best I've ever had. I also had the pescado veracruzano. Awesome and excellent quality. Service was great. I only wish there were more veg. options for my veg. boyfriend.

        1. Where on 24th St is it? Thanks

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            About halfway down the block between Folsom and Harrison. A short walk from BART.