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Feb 4, 2007 12:04 PM

New to Fremont

Hello Hounds!

I am relocating in Fremont in a few weeks and need to get my food bearings straight (forget about unpacking... I do have my priorities.) - so I am turning to you for help.

I need your suggestions for:

best places in my area to eat
best places worth a drive
best market for cheese, seafood, meat, etc.
great cheap eats
great splurge/fancy nights outs

I am excited to explore and to hear your suggestions!


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    1. lol..fremont is the capitol of chain restaurants imo. every and any chain you want it's in fremont, or opening soon!

      1. We live in Newark. I'm sorry to say that for something special or a splurge we always have to leave the area. One place we like is Wente restaurant in Livermore. It's especially nice when the weather is warm and you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And it's only about 20 minutes drive. We also like to bring a picnic and enjoy a bottle of wine at Concannon, also in Livermore.
        There are no upscale markets around here like Draeger's, Mollie Stone's or Whole Foods. For cheese, it's Trader Joe's, for good meat we rely on Costco...Still looking for good seafood market. But the Safeways around here, the one at the Hub and the one in Newark, are not too bad... And the Raley's has a small section of organic/ free-range meats. There are two farmers markets in Fremont, one in Centerville on Saturdays and one in Irvington on Sundays. There are many Indian, Afghani and Latin markets around.
        There is a strip mall by our house that has a Ranch 99 market, and a good range of ethnic restaurants including at least 3 chinese, thai, korean, japanese, filipino, a pho place and a banh mi shop. The great variety of ethnic restaurants around here is your best bet for cheap and good eats. Another good thing about this area is that it is very centrally located, not too far to drive to the city, Berkeley/Oakland, the peninsula and South Bay. Welcome to the area and have fun!

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        1. re: sue zookie

          The 99 Ranch and Lion supermarkets have great seafood.

        2. I'll give them a try--thanks for the tip!

          1. Welcome to Fremont, we've been here since last November and I'm still getting my bearings straight! As posted above, if you want decent food, you'll have to go elsewhere, but there are a few places. One is Dino's, a family diner type place, with great breakfasts, on Fremont Blvd at Mowery. Chains do abound, but some interesting ones, King Noodle at the Hub at Walnut and Fremont, Pacific Buffet at Paseo Padre and Stevenson, and there's on place, and I can't recall the name, Asian food, on Warm Springs. Supposedly, the best falafel around is at Habib, next to the liquor store by the Safeway on Washington Blvd.

            As for grocery stores, not much to choose from and I'm really particular about where I shop. Avoid the Safeway on Washington (too cramped, bad parking lot, stuffed aisle and not the greatest produce), I'd head for the one on Warm Springs and Mission. I've not tried the Raley's on Paseo Padre, but I've never been a big fan of Raley's anyway. Best of luck! Oh, and if you're uncertain, the County of Alameda posts restaurant inspections on their on line site, you can just type in the restaurant name and you can review it.

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            1. re: lrostron

              Thanks to its diverse immigrant population, Fremont has more good food than most places in the country, albeit mostly in no-frills places in strip malls.

              For a splurgy night out, yeah, you'd probably want to head northwest.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Thanks for finding those links to share, Robert. I'll just add that I ate very well in the Fremont/Newark area during my few months stationed there. I posted on everything that I liked and then some. Only sorry that I didn't get to explore more of Union City.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Plus there are places in Milpitas such as Tirupathi Bhimas and Darda that are arguably worth the drive from San Francisco.

              2. re: lrostron

                As a former resident of Fremont, I have to take exception to the notion that there is no decent food to be had. I managed to find tasty examples of a huge number of cuisines in the tri-city area.

                Breakfasts, "cal cuisine," and fine dining are the only things that I found lacking (especially breakfast). Our tastes vary at least in this case, but I didn't like Dino's at all, which was too bad since I lived very near them.

                Indian, Afghan, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Korean, to name but a few, are all well-represented in the area. As Robert says, most (all?) are indeed hidden in strip malls.