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Feb 4, 2007 11:10 AM

Best Pad Thai?

Preferably in the North York area

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  1. The Queen Mother on Queen St has great pad thai!!

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    1. re: laurelmcg

      I really like the pad thai from Thai One On which is on York Mills between Leslie and Don Mills.

    2. I had a pretty decent pad Thai recently at Restoran Malaysia (not quite North York, but not too far). The last few times I have had pad thai it had been way too sweet and lacked a certain aromatic depth that I remember from when I first became acquainted with this dish, about a dozen years ago. Everyone who I was with that night commented that it was the best pad Thai they had in a while too. Actually, everything we ordered that night was pretty good.

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      1. re: jonnybee

        It was probably not laced with ketchup, an unfortunate ingredient in many of the lousy pad Thais available in the city.

        1. re: FlavoursGal

          Amen. Pad Thai is one place that ketchup shouldn't enter the picture.

        2. re: jonnybee

          Was the service OK? I've read a few threads online that seem to praise its food, but complain about the service.

        3. Spoon & Fork, Etobicoke/Mississauga/Oakville locations 2 different types of Pad Thai both amazing
          Young Thai which seems to have moved to Dundas & Keele used to be DT has fab pad thai.
          Ketchup Free zones here.

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          1. re: MiniMom

            Young Thailand absolutely uses ketchup. I had some today, and it was disgustingly noticeable.

          2. This thread reminds me that I used to enjoy President's Choice Pad Thai. When they first introduced it over 10 years ago, while not necessarily "authentic", it was quite tasty, peanuty, good tamarind flavour, a good number of nice vegetables and nice soft (egg noodles, I believe) noodles. Then a few years after I found it, I bought one from the freezer case as usual and took it home to find out that they had changed the recipe - for the worse - it was (and is still) a ketchup-y version with noodles that never heat up right and just and inferior product that I couldn't eat more than a couple bites of. I hate when they mess with a good thing like that!

            p.s. I have always enjoyed the Pad Thai at Thai Thai Cafe (aka Nachos Thai Thai Cafe) on King East of Yonge. Nothing else there is worth ordering (IMO), but I like their pad thai.

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            1. re: pescatarian

              you don't like the chicken curry from the lunch table at Thai Thai Cafe? I like that it's thicker than normal - the Double Pad Thai and the Chicken curry is my standard 3 choice order.

              1. re: orangewasabi

                I have to say I haven't tried the chicken curry. I don't normally get the lunch buffet, but order a la carte off the menu. The other dishes that friends have ordered haven't tasted good to me and the mango salad is about the worst I've ever had (it has that gritty salty stuff all over it).

                Perhaps I'm wrong though and should try the chicken curry.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  lol you don't like that rice powder on the mango salad, eh? the mouth feel of the chicken curry is a lot thicker than typical curries though, so if you're not so into the mango, you might not love the chicken curry. It feels like they ground up bamboo shoots to thicken the sauce. I love it but a texture person might not

                  1. re: orangewasabi

                    It's the extreme saltiness, more than the texture that turns me off the mango salad. I love mango salad, in general, however, I like it with more of a balance of salty, sweet, etc. I actually haven't had it anywhere as good as at my place, lol
                    The curry chicken sounds good - I like bamboo shoots.

            2. Khmer Thai is my favourite, at St. Clair and Oakwood. It has a pad thai with a deep brown colour, which is definitely ketchup free, and I imagine the result of actual tamarind paste. I'm always wary of ordering pad thai from places I haven't tried it at, since it's usually incredibly cloyingly sweet.