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Feb 4, 2007 11:08 AM

Bagels in eastern TN

Is there a place to buy bagels in Johnson City/Bristol/Kingsport area?

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  1. Bagels in East TN.... that's almost as funny as asking for grits in New Yourk City....
    sorry, just struck me as funny. I'm sure there are bagels in E.TN...... Even in KY.. we have great bagel shops.

    1. There were some good bakeries in downtown Kingsport and Bristol in the 90's, I believe...they have long since moved on. I think you're most likely going to get "fresh" bagels from Panera, ABC, and the like...Good luck!

      1. There are various chain places with bagels in tri-cities area, but for really great artisan baked goods (though not bagels) you should go to Scratch Bakery on Unaka St. in Johnson City, which is great! They do a variety of wonderful breads, as well as smoked meats and homemade hummous and whatever else they come up with on any given day. Great folks and really good food. I always stop there on my way from Kentucky to North Carolina.

        1. I know it's pretty futile. I feel the same way about people looking to recreate home somewhere else.. I live in Florida and all the New Yorkers want a NY pizza. And I laugh when I see someone looking for ( let's say) Ethiopian food in Charlotte. But, a good bakery is always welcome. I found the Wildflour in Abingdon, VA does a great job with bread. It's a trade off. I'm not losing a round chewy baked good, I'm gaining awesome scenery.