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Feb 4, 2007 10:46 AM

Anyone Remember this Fancy Chinese near Universal Hilton?

My mom remembers a restaurant (from years ago) across the parking lot from the Universal Hilton. She said it was fairly expensive, with very traditional Chinese decor. The name might or might not be something like Feng Ling. Does anyone remember it or know if it's still there? TIA

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  1. Fung Lum - I don't think it's there anymore.

    1. A shame that it failed here in Los Angeles. The original Fung Lum still goes on in Campbell, CA.

        1. Fung Lum is correct... used to eat dinner there or Victoria Station before each and every concert I went to at the Universal Amphitheatre. Great architecture and food - that is to an unitiated youngster that I was (and still am) back then... It was the first stab at raising the bar of the chinese dining experience that I personally knew of... until Fung Lum there was only Madame Wu in Santa Monica and Mr. Chow on La Cienega. The Lemon Chicken was my favorite dish.

          1. We used to love Fung Lum! They had a really good (buffet style) champange Sunday brunch with Dim Sum and many great items. We went for dinner often, I loved their "Fried Milk" desert. It was a beautiful place and private rooms (I hosted an office holiday lunch there) that had wonderfull views of the SF Valley! I often think about and miss this place.

            Actually, we used to go to Victoria Station often also. Shame these places didn't survive.