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Feb 4, 2007 10:38 AM

Pulled pork: can I let it rest overnight before pulling?

I'm making sous-vide pulled pork today - it'll be in the water bath for about nine hours at 160 degrees. Which -I've just realized- means it'll be done around midnight. Oops :-)

Does anyone know - can I let it rest for a day in the refrigerator, and "pull" it Monday? Or will the connective tissues glue themselves back together and undo all the good work of the water bath?

I ordinarily let pulled pork sit for about a half-hour before pulling it ... never longer than an hour. And I guess I'd rather stay up late than ruin the meat.......

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  1. not a problem. the protein links that are "relaxed" with heating will not "glue" themselves back together

    1. The problem I have had with doing it after the fact is that the fat congeals and I do not get the same shredding unless I warm it enuf to lube things up

      1. Hmm, thank you both. torty, you're saying that if I DO warm it back up (say by sticking it back in the water bath for a half hour) it'll return to perfect pulling state - right? I don't mind doing that, which means I should be fine to pull Monday.

        Thank you - I'm relieved.

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          I pull it into chunks and nuke it slowly and gently, then work on the chunks one by one.

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            forgot you had the water bath- the re-heat in m-wave can dry the edges sometimes. Enjoy!

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              if you are keeping it vacuumed sealed, then yes, you can definitely let it cool, then put it back into a hot water bath to rewarm it then pull it.

              I much prefer pulling pork with hot. It just pulls better that way. However, it will still pull fine either way.

            2. Thank you all! Your help is much appreciated.

              I'll see how tired I am at midnight - but it's good to know I have the option of reheating.

              1. Yes, it is easier to pull it while warm.