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Feb 4, 2007 10:18 AM

Trattoria Di IV - Santee

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to post this sort of stuff, but I know several of you have been anxiously awaiting the relocation and reopening of this great little restaurant. In my errands around town, I periodically check on their progress. Lo and behold, who do I run into there yesterday but the Strains (Jim and Di), who were also checking on the progress. The reopening date on the sign outside read 'February 7th', but we all agreed there looks as if there's alot more work to be done inside. I don't anticipate a reopening this Wednesday, but one point of optimism: there was also a sign that read "Now Hiring".

So, Liliaana and Denise, if you read this, please know we look forward to the reopening!

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  1. Yes, it seems a shame for us to keep driving all the way out there to see how it's going and still have to eat somewhere else! Trattoria di IV was our most frequently visited restaurant since we discovered it a couple of years ago. Now it will have a new name: La Trattoria Italian Fusion.

    Maybe we can have a chowhound welcome back dinner? How's about it, organizers?

    Diana Strain

    1. The anticipated reopening is now one or around March 1st. They ran into a snag or two.

      1. Though I had heard nothing but good things and had it recommended, I never had the opportunity to dine at Trattoria Di IV before discovering it had closed down. I noticed the new locale yesterday, but wasn't sure if it was connected.

        I am eagerly anticipating the opening. I live practically across the street!

        1. I miss the place too. I just wish it was not in Santee.

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            HEY! We have such a dearth of good places in Santee! All of you who are more centrally located have such a variety from which to choose. Please don't wish our good spots away! :)

            Besides, think of it as an excursion or the place to stop when you're on you're way back from points east!

          2. I can't wait until it opens either. I have never had a bad meal there.

            I hope now that they are moving, getting bigger, etc. that they don't lose their wonderful friendliness that goes so well with the food.....and that the food maintains its high quality and wonderment.

            I loved the old place and I will be first in line when the new restaurant opens and i can only wish them success. They are GOOD and am looking forward to going there on a regular basis again.

            good luck and hurry up, we are hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              I'm pretty sure that getting bigger isn't going to hurt their friendly service. Plus I know they've got some great new menu items coming that they couldn't do before because of space and service limitations.