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Feb 4, 2007 10:11 AM

Steamed Short Ribs?

I just bought some beef short ribs at a local grocery store that caters to immigrants. They were labelled with Asian characters as well as English, and the English label said "Steamed Short Ribs," but they did not look cooked at all.

So, it turns out that is a staple of Korean cuisine. (BTW they are not steamed, they are TO BE steamed) I had no idea, but I am excited. I guess now I have to go back and get some kimchi and bulgogi and stuff. Anyone recall a Korean Food 101 post on this board? I don't have a Korean cookbook or know of a good one, and I would like to take a whack at this.

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  1. I find groceries in Asian stores mislabeled all the time. If they look like raw short ribs, then they are. Of course the time I saw pig uteri on a label I was a bit taken back, but that time the label was correct.

    1. the ribs are actually braised, not steamed. in korean, braising and steaming are basically covered by the same verb. i don't have much of an actual recipe, but usually one would soak the ribs in ice water for an hour to draw out impurities, or blanch them. then they are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, black pepper, sugar or honey, sesame seeds, the juice of an asian pear, basically similar to a bulgogi marinade. then the ribs are braised until falling off the bone tender, usually with chunks of korean radish, carrot, dried jujubes, and for a real treat, peeled chestnuts and toasted gingko nuts. you could do a search for kalbi jim (or galbi jim, spellings vary), and find some recipes. when made right, this is one of my favorite meals.

      1. I know you got Beef short ribs, not pork, but this reminds me: the one thing I've had that's Korean and steamed is something like this(see links) from a Korean Tofu restaurant in Sunnyside, NY.

        The version I had at the Natural Tofu restaurant wasn't that great (the above links had much better looking pictures!): colorless pork slices, and plain white thick cut of tofu...and lettuce. But somehow the tofu is satisfying in a bland way, much the same way the hot water they pour into the stone bowl's left over burnt rice has a strangely soothing effect on the system.