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The Works? in West Chester

Anybody know what The Works in West Chester is going to be? I assume it's a burger joint but really had no clue and can't dig up any information on it.

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  1. It is going to be sandwiches / cheesesteaks but has taken forever to open. I am hoping for a good cheesesteak in town now that Lorenzo's has gone in the toilet. It was such an underrated cheesesteak... big and juicy american or whiz. But the new owner kept the sign but changed the whole sandwich to terrible.

    Has anyone tried Murray's in West Chester's cheesesteak?

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      I'm pretty sure that my husband has tried the cheesesteak at Murray's. I believe it was decent, but not necessarily memorable. He likes the ones from Amore's, but we haven't come across anything outstanding in West Chester.

    2. It is like a burger place-- They have the works in springfield pa. Delaware county. They have awsome wings-- I can't wait for them to open... There cheesesteaks are sooo good!

      1. The works has finally opened! I went there this weekend. It was great! We had wings and a cheesesteak-- I would have to say this is the best cheese steak around! You can get a better one anywhere-- The rolls are great. The wings were excellent too. The only thing I would have to say they need are high chairs for kids. Other than that excellent experience!

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          The Fresh Works has excellent wings and it's a great place for grab n go food. They bake their bread each morning on-site and are open late-night too! See some pictures of their food and interior at http://www.wcdish.com/fresh-works/

        2. I live in West Chester. Where is The Works located? How about the one in Springfield? I work in Delco.

            1. On the south side of Market St. just west of High right near Market St. Grille.

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                Thanks! I've heard good things about Market St. Grille, too, but haven't yet been. Have you?

              2. Had breakfast there once and found it very good. Excellent hash browns, omelet, service. I would go back next time I'm there in the morning.

                1. Market Street Grille is excellent! Great sandwiches and salads with creative specials. I highly recommend it.

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                    Market Street Grill has got to be my favorite part of my weekend...so good. Read more about them at http://www.wcdish.com/market-street-g... You have to stop in over the weekend for the unique and tasty specials from the chef Darla. It's well worth the wait during the weekend rush.

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                      I must 4th this notion on Market St. Grille - great specials and service is friendly and attentive. I'm there for morning breakfast all weekend lately.

                  2. Sometimes I don't know why I bother going into WC during the day. Parking is HORRENDOUS!! Yesterday I was with my folks after a MD appointment and we wanted to have lunch in town. We tried to find parking near Market & High, but between the lack of on-street parking and the ridiculously designed one-way streets in the boro, we left. I know, I could have dropped them off, parked in the garage, and caught up with them, and then repeated the process to pick them up, but it just wasn't worth it. It's fine if you work in the boro, but so many people I know reject WC restaurants simply because of the parking dilemma.