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Recs for bday dinner w/good vegetarian options?

hi! trying to come up with some ideas for a bday dinner for a friend who's a vegetarian. not necessarily looking for a vegetarian restaurant but some place with good, interesting vegetarian options and a nice vibe.

there'll be about a dozen of us, and we're hoping to stick around the la brea, fairfax, la cienega area. cube came to mind, but it's kind of a small place for a larger party. any suggestions would be appreciated! much thanks!

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  1. What about Luna Park?


    Other options that come to mind in the area would be Angelini Osteria (there's always pasta options for the vegetarian, although it's kind of a tight space for a big party) or Ita Cho (while most sushi places would be out, Ita Cho has lots of vegetable and tofu dishes for the vegetarian).


    7311 Beverly Blvd (Cross Street: N Pointsettia Place
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    I always think that middle-eastern food is a good option when there are vegetarians in the group. It's a little farther east, but I've always enjoyed the food at Marouch -- they have great mezze and a lot of good options for both the meat-eaters and the vegetarians.


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      if your'e willing to go west for persian food, shamshiri, on westwood blvd, has an extensive vegetarian section of their menu. vegetarian versions of many of the persian stews are available as well as falafal and many delicious rice dishes..

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        luna park would be right on! but she goes there pretty often, so i guess something new would be nice. ita-cho sounds intriguing. i'll look into it! thanks for the suggestions.

      2. I'd suggest Grace in that area.

        1. My partner just took her best friend to Chameau for a birthday dinner (the friend is a vegetarian) and they both loved it -- can't speak to the space need, however.

          1. thanks everyone for the eclectic options so far! makes me hungry just thinking about it!

            1. I'd second the Grace suggestion. We ate there last night and two of the four of us had (delicious) veggie entrees. The space could well accommodate your crowd.

              1. Within that area and with lots of great veggie options I'd suggest Meals By Genet. The vegetarian platter is absolutely delicious with about a dozen or so samplings of different dishes. Plenty of tasty meat options too.

                If you enjoy wine I would suggest bringing your own since their list is not very extensive.

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                  thanks, rachel ann and hrhboo! i've heard good things about both grace and meals by genet. guess i'll see if my friend has any preferences regarding these places.

                2. Angeli Caffe might be worth looking at (and there's a couple of very large tables there which would be good for a big group.

                  If people are paying for themselves, going to a place like Grace might not be a great idea unless everyone has lots of disposable cash - I personally try to avoid going somewhere really expensive with a large group... sorting out the bill among 10+ people, especially when alcohol is involved is never that fun.

                  I like to go to a vegetarian Chinese place for my birthday (none in the area you describe, though) - fun to eat family style with that many people, and I love taking my yearly chance to make everyone else eat vegetarian food. I've only had a couple of die-hard meat eating friends who wouldn't eat it, and everyone who does eat it seems to like it.

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                    hmm...you're right about the group bill thing, will47. i'll have to think about that. i've been to angeli caffe once and wasn't so impressed. but i'm thinking i ordered the wrong thing (beet gnocchi). my friends and i will have to check out the chinese vegetarian places out in sg valley some time. thanks for the suggestions!