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Sunday Santa Monica Farmer's Mkt regulars - can you identfy this vegetable?

I recently was able to make my first visit to one of the Santa Monica farmer's markets, and was intrigued by these root vegetables that I bought from a vendor there. They're small little tubers that are somewhat "grub-like" both shape and size-wise, while having a texture and taste reminiscent of Jersusalem artichokes (sunchokes). They were being sold in very small "snack-sized" ZipLock bags, at a somewhat pricey $4/bag.

I'd like to find out a little more about them. A link to a picture I took of them follows:


Thanks in advance to all Chowhounder's with more informtion!

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  1. I forgot that you can now upload pics (great new feature!) to Chowhound... So here's the same pic as in the previous link but now uploaded to CH...

    1. You didn't ask the vendor - or they didn't know?

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        I asked the vendor at the time I bought it, but didn't write it down and have since forgot the name...

        Unfortunately being in S.D. I don't know when I'll get the next chance to return. I really should have taken a picture of the sign, something I frequently do purely for documentary purposes when coming upon something new and unique.

      2. yes, they are called crosnes, pronounced crones, the first s is silent. little tubers, saute in butter, salt & pepper or eat raw. kind of tasteless raw, but nice & crunchy. wieser farms, right?

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          budlit: Great! Thanks for the information. I honestly didn't pay attention to the name of the vendor, but I'm sure that's who it was. I think they're just great, and can have a lot of different uses. Great for their visually exotic appeal and wonderful texture...

        2. it's a japanese tuber root veggie called chorogi.

          crosnes taste somewhat similar to waterchestnuts, but their appearance look more like grubs and are a bit unappetizing to the uninitiated.

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            Looks like both you and budlit are right. He says tomato and you say tomatoe.


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              According to the Japanese Wikipedia, chorogi came to Europe from China, presumably where Japan got it from as well. Here's the link for those who can read Japanese... (http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%8...


              zinFAN and tony michaels, thanks for the information. That it had a Japanese name and also eaten in Japan is a very interesting finding...

          2. Thanks for posting this! This veggie was part of one of my tasty courses at Opus last week, and I could not remember what they were called. Mystery solved!

            1. I went absolutely bonkers for (and kept asking the name of and kept forgetting the name of) crosnes at Guy Savoy in Vegas recently. Surprisingly, they made an appearance in two or three dishes (some of the dishes were repetitive), and while I thought they were Jerusalem artichokes, which I also had for the first time recently, they said no, they were crosnes. They didn't taste like water chestnuts to me; the texture was more like a potato. Maybe a potato crossed with a water chestnut... but they came with other roasted winter vegetables, and i really loved them. yes, the shape is a little odd; yes they resemble grubs. but so interesting!

              Thanks for reminding me of it! Now, maybe I'll pick some up at the market...

              1. They're great sauteed, baked, boriled, braised, or raw. Lovely little grubby things. Are they still sold at the SM farmers's market?

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                  Well it was just this past Sunday when I picked mine up at SM's Sunday market on Main St..

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                    I've been seeing them at the Saturday SM market (3rd/Arizona), too.

                  2. Crosnes were still at the Sunday SM Farmers Market yesterday. They are delicious sauteed with white truffle oil!!!!!!

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                      And they were still at the Saturday SM farmer's market (on Arizona/3rd)

                    2. On another topic - your flickr photos have a burger from January titled Shack Burger. Where is that? Is that a hot dog on top? It looks fantastic. I initially thought Shake Shack - but they were closed in January and the onions are wrong as well as the wrapper.

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                        nevermind - I figured it out. I'll go try it. Shack Burger - but I'll see if they'll add ortega green chiles to that.

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                          bigsleep: This was my first Shack Burger (http://www.flickr.com/photos/akatayam... ), which I heard about from a friend of mine. The Shack is located on Wilshire Blvd., somewhere off of the 405. Apparently they have an additional location. The burger was very good, and I was pleasantly surprised...

                          You have a keen eye for detail. The thing you spotted which was so unique about this burger (and I was not too sure about until I actually tried it), is what I believe to be a polish sausage in the middle of the whole thing. Definitely a fix for those late night greasy burger needs - a very satisfying burger.

                          Is there a Shake Shack in SoCal now? I may be inferring too much from your original post. The only one I know of is the one in NYC in Madison Square Park (http://www.flickr.com/photos/akatayam... ).