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Feb 4, 2007 08:40 AM

Recommendations near S. Monica and La Cienega?


Visiting from San Francisco and would appreciate suggestions for food within stumbling distance from our hotel (the Chamberlain), which is near the interesection of Santa Monica Boulevard and La CIenega.

I've never really been to LA before, and would appreicate any tips or suggestions.

We're happy to go further afield too, (perhaps for lunch) but since we like to have cocktails with dinner and are not quite sure how to solve for that in a city like LA (we were told you can't really hail a cab - is this true?), we thought it might be best to plan dinner nearer to where we're staying.


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  1. Hugos on SM a few long blocks e. of La Cienega - n. side of street. Great breakfasts & lunch. Not too many places w/i walking distance.

    1. If you walk south on La Cienega 4 and half blocks to Melrose Ave. and turn east (L) you will encounter Taste restaurant and Lucques restaurant, both within a couple of blocks and both on the south side of Melrose.

      1. WeHo is full of cabs. You can often "hail" a cab in West Hollywood (or find on at a taxi stand). Your hotel will gladly call one that will show up in a jiffty.

        Great Choices abound nearby -- walk or short cab ride:

        Sushi Wa Bistro
        La Cienega@Holloway

        Bin 8945
        8945 Santa Monica Blvd (Cross Street: Robertson Boulevard)
        West Hollywood, 90069View Map
        (310) 550-8945


        521 N La Cienega Blvd (Cross Street: Rosewood Avenue
        )West Hollywood, CA 90048View Map
        (310) 854-0400

        Yatai Asian Tapas Bar
        8535 Sunset Blvd (Cross Street: La Cienega Boulevard)
        West Hollywood, CA 90069View Map
        (310) 289-0030

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        1. West Hollywood and Hollywood, particularly along Sunset, Hollywood and Santa Monica Blvd are the only sections of town were you really hail a cab, since this is where the concentration of clubs are.

          There are a number of dinner options in the area. Do you have a budget & cuisine in mind?

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          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Tend to prefer spicy - we eat a lot of Asian but are open to new ideas. Not big on traditional European cuisines unless they offer something unusual.

            Budget - if it's more than $75 per person, we'd probably have to think about it, but if it's really good, we'd go.

            Thanks for your help.

          2. Check out Real Food Daily on La Cienega just south of Melrose. It's an LA institution. Absolutely fantastic vegetarian/vegan food, enough to convert any meat-lover. (Trust me.)


            A great place if you're visiting LA and you want something unique to the area but not crazy high-end. It's quite nice though, and you'd definitely want a reservation on weekends and maybe even week nights.

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            1. re: QualityMart

              I tried to like Real Food Daily, but it's awful. Service is poor, food is worse. It may be good compared to some other vegan spots, but overall a horrible place.