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Feb 4, 2007 08:30 AM

Oxford, OH tips?

I'm going to be in Oxford, OH for a few days and wonder if there's anything special or particularly good in or close to Oxford?

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  1. I've never been to the one in Oxford, but I think the Kona Bistro in Cincinnati is interesting. It might be worth a try. For the midwest it is a very forward thinking place that tries to provide healthy and tasty meals in an atmosphere that displays the work of local artists. On Wednesdays they invite charities to be guest bartenders and all bar tips go to that charity.

    1. Our son is a student. We enjoyed the High Street Grill more than Kona.

      1. As a current student @ MU Ohio, I personally find the food here to be "meh" at best, although if you're willing to spend the money, Alexander House is fantastic; it stacks up easily with quality restaurants anywhere. High Street Grill is also a good place to go, as sammy o said, and the Smokin' Ox is a decent place for bbq'd/smoked meats. Other than that though, nothing here is really anything out of the ordinary.

        1. Get yourselves over to Fairfield, not far and to Jungle Jim's on Dixie Highway. I'll be there Friday myself. Bring several hours and money. Nothing like

          1. There's a lot of buzz in Oxford now about a new restaurant preparing to open in the summer of '08. It is called Stella, will be located in what was the original DePaulo's building on Beech Street, and will offer upscale casual dining with much fresh and local foodstuffs.