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Retro Candy

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Where would I be able to find some retro candy in LA? I know the internet has some places, but any actual store I can walk into and browse?

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  1. Zanzabelle on Rowena Ave in Silver lake has a revolving selection of old candies the owner order stuff for you if you make a request

    1. Galco's, which has all the great sodas that you can't find anywhere else, also carries retro candies, several kinds...

      1. Out of range, but last time I was in Solvang, there was a taffy store that had a nice selection of some good ol' "retro" candy sold by the pound.

        1. The Rexall at Beverly Blvd. and La Cienega used to carry a lot of old-time candy.
          The Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena has a candy counter with a lot of the oldies.

          1. This place has a large selection, however it is supposedly wholesale, but often will allow cash sales, and I don't remember in what type of quantity, meaning cartons, etc.

            Hobbs & Dobbs Novelty Candy Co
            8970 Ellis Ave
            Los Angeles, CA 90034

            (310) 559-0870

            1. Just went to a Golden Globe Suite and saw a new store that's opening, specializing in retro favorites. It's called Sweet Sugar. I think it opens at the end of this month. Very cool concept. On Melrose.

              1. 99 cent store has a fair selection of retro candies.

                1. I do believe a retro toy store called The Toy Dept., on Colorado in Pasadnea, has many retro candies to satisfy your needs...

                  1. There's a retro toy store in the Valley on the corner of Burbank Blvd and Hazeltine Avenue, next to Nat's Early Bite. It's called 'Big Kids' or something to that effect. They have a bunch of retro candies and is definitely worth checking out!