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Feb 4, 2007 08:28 AM

Retro Candy

Where would I be able to find some retro candy in LA? I know the internet has some places, but any actual store I can walk into and browse?

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  1. Zanzabelle on Rowena Ave in Silver lake has a revolving selection of old candies the owner order stuff for you if you make a request

    1. Galco's, which has all the great sodas that you can't find anywhere else, also carries retro candies, several kinds...

      1. Out of range, but last time I was in Solvang, there was a taffy store that had a nice selection of some good ol' "retro" candy sold by the pound.

        1. The Rexall at Beverly Blvd. and La Cienega used to carry a lot of old-time candy.
          The Fair Oaks Pharmacy in South Pasadena has a candy counter with a lot of the oldies.

          1. This place has a large selection, however it is supposedly wholesale, but often will allow cash sales, and I don't remember in what type of quantity, meaning cartons, etc.

            Hobbs & Dobbs Novelty Candy Co
            8970 Ellis Ave
            Los Angeles, CA 90034

            (310) 559-0870