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Feb 4, 2007 07:50 AM

Best Sandwiches (Any Type) in Queens

Looking for new sandwich recommendations in Queens. These are my favorites. (And by the way, please don't recommend JC Family Chilean Sandwich on B'way, because they no longer do their sandwiches the same.) I'd be particularly interested in good roast beef, but will take any suggestions for any type of sandwich in Queens.

Schwarma: Grill Point. Get the lafa bread schwara. Comes with a good israeli salad bar. Jewel Ave and Main St.

Gyro: Gyro Corner at 3269 Francis Lewis. For my money beats Fortuna's or Mangal's or anything in Astoria.

Falafel: I like Grill Point, although i've yet to try Hapisgah.

Philly Cheesesteak: Sonny's Meat Mkt on 24th ave/27th st in Astoria

Halal Liver: Toss up between the Sandwich Shop on Steinway and Little Morocco on Steinway at 25th Ave

Pastrami: Still haven't found anything to rival the offerings in Brooklyn (like David's, Adelman's or Mill Basin Deli ), but my preference in Queens is Ben's on Queens Blvd. in Rego Park

Italian Hero: Mama's in Corona or Sal, Chris and Charlie's in Astoria

Cuban: El Sitio in Woodside at Roos and 69th

Argentine Milanesa: La Nueva Bakery on 37th Ave and 86th St.

Haven't yet tried Cypriot Sandwich at Cypress Deli on 30th Ave/34th St. in Astoria

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  1. mmm, Sal Kris and Charlie's sure brings back memories -- an ex-girlfriend lived around the corner from there, and we were regulars (she, a vegetarian, fell in love w/their cheese-only heroes with all the other trimmings).

    I like the tortas and cemitas at Taqueria Coatzingo and the al pastor tortas at the place next to mcdonald's at roosevelt and 76th (either Poblano or Poblana, sorry i can't remember which)

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      second to the milanesa cemita at coatzingo; an amazingly filling sandwich, beautifully composed, and best eaten in the dining room or soon after if getting takeout.

    2. I've been dying to find a place that serves Vietnamese sandwiches in Queens. I first had them in San Francisco and haven't been able to find them since. If you've never had them, they're definitely vietnamese, but has an amazing fusion taste to it because of the French influence from it's colonial days. Anyone know of a spot?

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        Dunno about in Queens, but there are some great Vietnamese sandwiches to be had in NYC. Nicky's on E 2nd Street (Manhattan) serves a semi-stylized East Village version that's quite good, while Thanh Da in Brooklyn's Sunset Park (5624 B 8th Ave at 57th St) is more authentic and also very good (and very cheap!). Either is well worth checking out!

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          There are a lot of Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi) in NYC. Examples abound in Manhattan's Chinatown and in Brooklyn's, as well as some other places. My favorites are both in Brooklyn: Ba Xyuen on 8th Ave. near 41st. St. in Sunset Park, and for a non-Chinatown version Hanco's on Bergen near Smith.

          In Queens you should be able to get them either in Elmhurst along the Broadway strip (does Pho Bac still make them?) or in central Flushing. In any event, do a search on this board and the Manhattan board for "banh mi" and you will find tons of posts and opinions about them. It's been a major focus of discussion on Chowhound over the years.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            Unfortunately the Pho Bac in Elmhurst doesn't make them anymore. The Pho Bang near the Pho Bac doesn't make them either. However, There's a Pho Bang on Kissena (right near where it joins into Main St. across the street from the Flushing Library makes them for 3 bucks. It smells really really good, but I've never tasted it. I have reasons....

            1. re: CSayedN

              Little Saigon on Grand Ave (Broadway becomes Grand Ave after QB) sells several varieties of Vietnamese sandwiches. They are delicious and the restaurant is very clean for regular Vietnamese restaurant standards.

              1. re: oc200

                after searching for vietnamese sandwiches in queens (although i've yet to look in flushing), i found the following:

                thai son off of bway, across from the subway station, makes a pretty good one for $3.50. the ingredients are very fresh and very tasty and they make it up for you on the spot. it's a bit too bready, sometimes, but good. (sometimes they tear out the bready center on the roll and sometimes they don't.) not very spicy. they only have one kind on the menu, which is the standard combo of pate, pork and ham. whoever happens to be on the waitstaff makes it up, so there is a bit of variation from day to day, but i've had it three times and it was always very good. as compared to Ba Xuyen in sunset park, i'd say it holds its own, although thai son doesn't have the variety of sandwiches and doesn't do the volume and doesn't have the awesome durian, jackfruit and avocado smoothies. you can get it to go or to eat in. they're very friendly, too.

                as csayedn writes, above, pho bang and pho bac on bway in the singa's shopping center no longer make vietnamese sandwiches.

                in my opinion, little saigon on bway about two blocks below grand makes what i thought was a sad and not very respectable version. they have about 6 or 7 sandwiches on the menu. i had the classic, but it wasn't worth eating. it came on a not very fresh italian roll, the meats were tasteless, the pickled daikon and carrot were bland and the pate wasn't tasty. maybe it was a bad day, but i wouldn't return for their sandwiches. although i do like the food off of their menu.

                ny market ( the pan asian grocery in the singa parking lot) sells a version in the bakery. but it looked so sad and tasteless and the bread was so uninspiring that i didn't order it.

                i've noticed about 7 vietnamese places in flushing: nam san, maple, man o jang, pho, pho bac, pho bang and mekong. i'll start exploring and report back when i'm finished, unless someone else has done the leg work.

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                  It must have been an off day for Little Saigon. I've found all of their dishes to be above average to excellent, including their sandwiches. I'd give it another try. Their classic and chicken were very very good, IMHO.

                  I've never tried Thai Son's sandwiches. I've had their pho, which was good. Thanks for the heads up. I will give that a try :)

        2. I must try Sonny's meat mrkt .Another poster told me about this place in Astoria. I am a fan of Mamma's .
          BTW Mill Baisn Deli has changed . I think the old owners sold it is not the same anymore.

          1. Rincon Criolla- pan lechon
            Il Vesuvio- veal parm hero
            Leo Lat(mamma's) turkey,mozz,red peppper and gravy

            I wish someone did a great bacon, egg and cheese.

            1. The much-maligned (including by me) La Flor Bakery and Cafe, nevertheless produces the La Flor Torta which is a wonderful mess of a sandwich (chipotle-barbecue marinated pork loin & fresh cheese). Roosevelt Ave @ 53rd St

              Thai Son's Bahn Mi is good and will satisfy a Bahn Mi craving when you can't get to NYC's best places: Ba Xuyen in Sunset Park and Saigon Bahn Mi in Chinatown. 74th St @ Broadway

              Dominie's Hoek in LIC makes a chicken sandwich with bacon, avocado and chipotle mayo that is very good--especially with a few beers. Vernon Blvd @ 49th Ave

              There's a cart on Roosevelt right up against the 74th St station that makes awesome, huge and dirt-cheap tortas. They have a little counter and people eat their tacos and tortas while standing at the counter. It's the only cart where I've been asked whether I want it for here or to go.