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Feb 4, 2007 07:42 AM

Williams-Sonoma Cooking Classes

My s.o. and I are looking into taking one of the evening cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma in Center City. The menu looks like fun (we're interested in the Chocolate Valentine's Dinner), but I'm a little hesitant about the $50 per person price tag . Has anyone ever been? How is the instructor? Did you feel it was worth the price?
Thank you!

The menu is:
Chocolate Pasta Ravioli with Mushroom and Hazelnuts
Endive, Fennel, Orange and White Chocolate Salad
Sauteed Veal Medallions ith Bitter Chocolate and Port Demi-Glace and Gaufrettes
Earl Grey Cakelettes with Warm Chocolate Sauce

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  1. I know it may be too late for the Valentine class but I had to add my experiences at the William Sonoma class I attended last night. It was part of my Valentine present and we had to drive over an hour to the closest WS. We were told it was a meal included. The class itself was a JOKE. I could have tought the class. I did not learn a thing, we sit in folding chairs with clip boards and the glass of water they gave us, so that when they gave us our first dish(which was a couple thin strips of cucumbers in a seasoning) we had to put our glass in the floor. The second dish was a seared tuna over bagged lettuce with another sauce (very good). The kicker was that they gave us 3 skinny stripps of tuna while 2/3 of the tuna sat. then the entre which was pad thai (OK). Again we were served a miniscule serving while 2/3 of it sat on the counter. We were then told we could brouse around and get 10 percent off our purchase. As I broused I saw all of the WS help eating . I thought it was crazy. My husband and I payed 40.00 a person and watched someone else eat the food and I didn't learn a thing and felt like I was suppose to buy something. A tube of tomatoe paiste later I left and drove over an hour back home. I guess my answere to your question would be NO, it is not worth it.

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      Thanks for your reply! I now don't feel so bad that we ended up skipping out on the class in favor of spending our money on tickets to Monster Jam (we're both in debt students, so a choice had to be made and big trucks and carbon monoxide won out).

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        Boy o boy! I would have asked for my money back. That certainly does not sound like professional service!

      2. Has anyone tried the Viking classes in Bryn Mawr? That place looks nice.

        1. I have tried the Viking classes in Bryn Mawr and I really liked them and had fun. I've done 3 of them. One of the best was when a friend of ours wrote a book on making bread and he presented a class on making pizza. He had a great little tip that I've used ever since that related to pesto sauce. It's probably simple to most cooks but I didn't know it...anyway, he added a little fresh lemon juice to the pesto. It seemed to keep it tasting fresh and bright yet wasn't even really noticable.

          1. Check out the classes offered at Fosters Gourmet Cookware at the Reading terminal market. They are hooked up with a local university and pretty good.

            1. Viking classes are good but $$ My teens took a sushi class that was $79; but they actively learned, rolled and ate. We went to a class that was sponsored by a corporate event (so it was free; we were guests) and was the chef from Alma de Cuba and it was very fun; but he mostly cooked, we helped and ate.