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Feb 4, 2007 07:05 AM

Molten Cake recipe - Outstanding & Simple


Mrs jfood out all day and i wanted to make a special meal for her. She always orders the chocolate molten cake when we are out for us to split so I figured, what a great way to end the meal and searched the net. Since I feel comfortable tackling any entree and am a complete thud on desserts, i needed a simple recipe that even I could not screw up.

I made the following and it was absolutely fantastic:

It took about 30 minutes to prep in the early afternoon and then into the fridge. I left the sauce in a samll sauce pan with plastic before re-heating and the cake dough in a ball mason jar. Dinner entailed a 400 degree oven so when i took out the entree i cranked to 450. After clearing the entree dishes I sent her out of the kitchen asit was a surprise. My surprise was that the "dough" had a harder consistency than i thought and i needed to "scoop" the dough into the remekins thinking to myself, "Oh great I screwed up another dessert." But i continued, placed in the oven and 15 minutes later gingerly opened the door.

Voila, it was perfect. Onto a plate, a little mint sauce and some homemade whipped cream instaed of ice cream.

A perfect dessert.

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  1. jfood, that's the recipe I used too and it is divine. I didn't make the sauce, just served them with good vanilla ice cream. It's the simplest one I've found that yields excellent results. What kind of chocolate did you use? I used Lindt 70% and it was lovely. A big hit.

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      I used ghiradelli for both.

      BTW, after eating 2 dozen pigs in the blanket during the first half of the Super Bowl, I placed three more remekins into the oven for the second half. I forgot to reheat the sauce for these and used the whipped cream only. Outstanding again. I think mint chip or vanilla ice cream is all you need for this dish.

      FYI - The sauce is ready to go tonight for a mint hot fudge ice cream sundae. :-)).

      So may pleasures out of so little work. Gotta love it.

    2. thanks for this -- i'm going to make it for my broke-ankled boyfriend.

      1. Boy, am I glad to see this. I've been looking for an easy but delicious dessert for tomorrow. I know this is something my husband will love and I love that I can put it all together tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I want to have a delicious but quick and easy Valentine's meal. We're having steaks and garlic buttered steamed green beans, spuds and salad. I'm going to make the mint sauce but may save it for ice cream and serve the cakes with a raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream.
        Thank you for posting this! He *loves* chocolate and will feel pampered.

        I'm so glad he doesn't really cook, he's always grateful for the things I make and has no idea how simple most of what I do is! :)

        Happy Valentine's Day!

        1. I was planning on making this for Valentine's Day dinner, but was wondering if you cut the recipe down for just the two of you. If so, do you mind telling me what measurements you used. It says the recipe yields six, but there's only two of us and bellive me, I'd have no problem devouring those! Thanks.

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            Even if I'm making the recipe for only two, I make the whole recipe. The batter keeps (covered) in the fridge for at least a week.

          2. Well jfood, I owe you my thanks. The molten cakes were a hit and so easy! I mixed it all up this morning and made strawberry puree. After our supper I popped them in the oven and whipped some cream. Easy and delicious. Made my guys very happy.

            Thanks again!