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Feb 4, 2007 06:35 AM

Soup in Portsmouth

I'm heading up to Portsmouth, NH today with a friend and want to get a really good soup to burn off this winter chill. She's just getting over a stomach bug, so we're both looking for a soothing (or savory) soup to warm us up.
Any suggestions on where to go? We don't need to stay in Portsmouth proper for this.

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  1. Well, the obvious suggestion would be The Stockpot, on Bow Street (near Pacos and across the street from the Post Office parking lot that used to be a great place to park until 9/11 happened and they decided that terrorists might park there).

    Soups are pretty good there.

    If you are looking for something more exotic, there's Chiang Mei (sp?) on Pennahallow Rd (around the corner from the Stock Pot), which has some great Thai soups.

    1. In Exeter - Loaf and Ladle on Water Street has a selection of home made soups and fresh baked breads.

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        Too late now but I would heartily endorse the Loaf & Ladle as well.