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Feb 4, 2007 05:56 AM

Domani or Tevere 84, in NYC

Tevere 84 on the upper East Side has always been one of our favorites. We've eaten at Domani once or maybe twice, many years ago, and weren't as impressed.
I came upon Domani's menu online recently, and it looked appealing. I was thinking of giving it another try.
Has anyone had any recent experience there? I'd love some current feedback. Should we go there, or stick to Tevere? If you like Domani, what dishes do you recommend?
Thanks so much!

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  1. Guess I'll have to answer my own question, so that maybe others may benefit. We took the plunge last night, and went to Domani. We had a decent meal, but nothing to compare to what we've enjoyed at Tevere.
    The stuffed mushroom appetizer which we shared was unimaginative, and the stuffing was tasteless. The chicken with artichokes and mushrooms that I ordered, and the chicken with rosemary that my husband chose were o.k., but fairly bland.
    The Tiramisu was pretty good, but I've had better, where the cream was lighter and less fatty. This one left a greasy feel on your palate.
    Also, buyer beware, the prices on their menu were higher than those on their online website. The chicken dishes were $28.95 each.
    I guess it's back to Tevere 84 next time we have a yen for this type of food.

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      Used to eat at Domani fairly frequently. The back room is much more comfortable than Tevere, which is really cramped and the service was v. good too and we also liked the food.

      But the last time we went (probably last summer) it appeared that the place had changed hands. The staff, which had been there for quite a while, was all gone, and the replacements were OK, but unfamiliar. And the food seemed a bit off.

      Since then, we've gone to Tevere a few times. It's really quite good, but still very cramped, really expensive and often booked. For spur-of-the-moment dining, we head to Le Marais now. Very dependable and literally half the price of Tevere.

      BTW, Tevere has dropped the "84" from their name, although they're still on 84th St.

    2. My wife and I had lunch at Domani yesterday and really enjoyed ourselves. Let me tell you what we had: We shared an appetizer of portabella mushrooms in a wine sauce with herbs, which was quite tender and delicious. I had the vegetable soup which was not too thick nor too watery and it was filled with vegetables and loaded with flavor. As the main dish, my wife had the beef ravioli which was plentiful and was cooked in a thick meat sauce. I had the pollo alla Florentine, which was a nice sized chicken breast cooked in a white wine and lemon sauce. We shared the Tiramisu for dessert. I thought that the cream was quite good. If it were less thick, it would not have been the dessert it was meant to be. The service was wonderful. The waiter was quite attentive and did not make us feel pressured, as some of them do. I am hoping that you might give them another chance with some different dishes.

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        Thanks very much for your feedback. First, I want to clarify that our experience at Domani was pretty good, just not fabulous. I just didn't feel that it was as good as our dinners at Tevere 84. To be honest, we've never ordered chicken at Tevere, (I love their veal with artichokes), nor ordered Tiramisu there, so maybe it's not a fair comparison.

        The only part of the dinner which I totally didn't enjoy at Domani, was the stuffed mushroom appetizer. The chicken main dishes were tasty with an addition of a little salt and pepper (and I know that this is a matter of taste). I was actually considering ordering the chicken florentine so on your recommendation, maybe I might do that if we get back there at some point.
        As for the Tiramisu, my complaint wasn't about the thickness of the cream, but more about the greasy mouthfeel. I've had others that I liked better, since they didn't have this. The moist cake part was delicious.
        Again, I really appreciate your input, and I hope that some others will weigh in.

      2. We went to tevere a couple of months ago, and found the standard to have slipped unacceptably. The appetizers were uninspired, and the tone of the rest of the meal echoed the beginning.

        1. I agree with gg re Tevere.

          1. Tevere, you do not get much better for Italian.