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Feb 4, 2007 04:40 AM


Just wondering if anyone has been to Pellana's in Peabody recently. The only reviews I remember or can find on CH are from September just after it opened. What's the word out there now?

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  1. Bringing this post to the top again. Just wondering as I was thinking about it for my birthday. No one?

    1. i only know of one person to go a few weeks back and while they reported everything was Very Good they also said the price point was right up there with the steakhouses in town. so for me if i'm looking for a steak house experience i will head into town and not have to end my meal (or night) between two malls. much better to be in town.

      1. My wife and I went 2 wks ago and loved the decor...Very clubby and "Old School". Wine list was good and had plenty to offer if you have moderate to advanced knowledge of wine. The app was kind of a seafood cocktail with a few (too few) oysters, crab legs and shrimp was weak. The steak that I got (Medrare bone-in ribeye) was fantastic. Cooked perfectly, seasoned well and just the right amount of char. The sides were all pretty standard for a steak house and very good (huge baked potato and spinach and shrooms). My wife got the lobster Fra Di'Avolo with linguine. This was against my advice of not orderring what the kitchen doesn't specialize in. Pasta at a steak house was pretty much what you'd expect...just ok. I can't remember what we had for dessert but I recall them being fine. The chef hails from the Back Bay Restaurant Group and did time at Joe's Bar& Grill and Abe & Louies so he'd better know how to cook a steak. The tab was $200 for 2ppl. 1 app 2 entrees 2 desserts and 3 glasses of wine. I remember saying to my wife I can't believe we just spent $200 on dinner in downtown Peabody! It wasn't a ripoff just surprising. I'd still go back when I have a steak craving because I live in Peabody and sometimes just don't want to drive into Boston. Plus, we didn't have to pay for valet or parking. Basically, give it a shot. It was very good.

        1. We love Pellena's. It has quickly become our new favorite. I will eat between two malls anyday rather than fight my way to Boston. Some of my worst steak dinners have been in Boston. Pellena is very accomodating and will try to please you in whatever way they can. We were always fans of Gaven's, but this place has them beat by a mile. As a matter of fact, we have reservations for Valentine's Day. Worth a visit.

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            I went to Pellana this past weekend. This was my second visit there. My previous visit had been a short time after they opened and there were some problems then. This time, a few months later, matters had improved a lot. We had filet mignons, one a filet oscar, and both steaks were superb. Tender, tasty and plentiful. The sides, mashed potatoes and Vidalia onion strings, were very good as well. Also ample portions. We had a bottle of 2003 Trinitas Mataro, an excellent wine. I believe it was only $36 which is a bargain when you consider it often retails at $25. Service was excellent and I enjoy their decor. You certainly do not feel like you are stuck between a couple malls. The food prices are generally comparable to the Boston steak houses but then you don't have to battle Boston traffic and pay for parking. For me, I recommend Pellana and will return.