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Feb 4, 2007 04:38 AM

Girl's Night Dinner


We're looking for a fun dinner for three for girl's night in either Tribeca or Flatiron areas. Budget maybe around $50-$60 a piece. We did Sapa last time and had a great time. Looking for something in the same vein (but any cuisine). Thanks.

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  1. Landmarc is a nice place with good wine prices. Entrees range from the teens to the 30's so depending on what your order you can either share appetizers with entrees or splurge on entrees with enough money for a bottle of wine.

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      I'll 3rd Landmarc. They have one of the most reasonably priced lists because they don't mark up as much as others and their food is solid

    2. I have a girls' night tradition at Florent in the meatpacking district. Kind of a French diner. They make great drinks, are always friendly and welcoming, and have good (not fabulous) food. We've never had anything but a good time there.

      1. I had a great girls night at Alta- good wine and sharing of plates--perfect for a girls night out!

        1. I went to a fun birthday dinner with a group of girls at Pipa on 19th - lively room with good tapas and sangria.

          1. Thanks! I'll look up both Alta and Pipa.