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Feb 4, 2007 03:50 AM

Speaking of Risotto- any good recipes and tips

Here's another one I have not made before but have always wanted to try. Does anyone have any good recipe and are their any cooking tips I should know. I have the right kind of rice which has been sitting in my pantry for awhile now. Now is the time to try it. Inspire me to open the package..

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  1. Well, risotto, let's see: the right kind of rice should be arborio or caranoli type.
    Now, if you will bear with me: if you get a modern pressure cooker you can make excellent risotto with it in six minutes with almost no stirring.
    Yes, you heard that correctly.
    Otherwise it will require continuous stirring and up to 1 hour of cooking.
    It is important to coat the rice in the pan with a butter-oil mixture before adding broth with either method. Do a google search for basic risotto recipes; you can make it either soupy, or dry, as you like it.
    Some people like to take their time with it in the classic style.
    I like to make it and eat it immediately with the pressure cooker. It is good cold or reheated as leftovers, too.
    Don't be alarmed by the pressure cooker stories of long ago; the new models are really safe, easy to use, extremely versatile, and good looking.
    There are many pressure cooker cookbooks on the market and a google search or trip to local megabookstore will prove that.
    Good luck.

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    1. re: Warren Goodman

      I'm not a pressure cooker user, but I've lately become a fan of Lorna Sass (especially her grains book) and she's written several cookbooks using a pressure cooker.

      1. re: Warren Goodman

        Risottto does not require continous stirring or one hour of cooking! you must've been doing it wrong.

        1. re: bolivianita

          I agree, risotto rice doesn't need an hour to cook. That would make it mush. Most risotto rice will take between 20 to 25 minutes to cook.

      2. Julie Child published Lidia Bastianich's wild mushroom risoto recipe a number of years ago, I always make it and it is always great. Be patient have all ingridents ready and wear comforble shoes because you will be standing over the pot for 1/2 an hour making it. But, it has always been yummy.

        1. I agree about being patient and having time to stir for the whole time. I don't follow one recipe but in general, melt butter, add arborio rice and stir until toasty, add white wine, then slowly add heated broth. One scoop, stir until it's been absorbed, continue until the rice is the right consistence (about half an hour). I serve immediately. I've tried waiting but it gets gummy.

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            Also another reminder, left over risotto is a good thing. Bring out the deep fryer the next day and make rice balls from the left overs.

            1. re: chazzer

              I love arancine but I'm terrible at deep fat frying. I go out for it when I want some. I've tried pan frying but it's not the same.

          2. Butter nut squash , Spinach Risotto, Wild mushroom risotto, black Ink risotto with mussels and Shrimps,Cold Risotto with pesto , mozzarella ,and sundried tomatoes, Risotto with red wine , radichio amd onions.I have a few more tell me which one you like and i will post it for you.
            There are 3 kinds of risotto Arborio, Caranoli, Valone
            Leftover risotto Rice Balls or Fried risotto cakes top with grated chesse.

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            1. re: FAL

              Fal, the spinach risotto sounds good. and also the cold risotto with pesto, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes. Could you give me some idea of these recipes?

              1. re: BJE

                Spinach Risotto
                1/14 ib spinach or 10 oz frozen whole leaf spinach
                1/2 cup milk
                8 cups stock - your choice beef , chix, veal or veg
                6 tablespoon butter
                1 yeallow onion finely choped
                31/3 cup arborio rice
                1/2 grated cheese
                If using fresh spinach
                In a sauce pan , comibne the spinach and a liite water and bring to a boil. Cook until the spinach in wilted and tender.Drain well and squeeze dry.
                If using frozen >Thaw. Drain well and squeeze dry
                Place spinach in a blender and add the milk . Puree till smooth. Set aside
                Bring stock to a boil.
                In a saute pan over medium heat melt half the butter . Add the onion and until translucent. Stirring frequently.Add rice and coo until rice is well coated with the butter.
                Add 1/2 ladlefuls of the stock, enough just to cover the rice, and cook stirring frequently. As the liquids is absorbed add a litte more .
                Continue to add the stock in this matter , making sure the rice is covered with the liquid. The risotto is done when the rice is tender and but firm. (go figure) Season with S/P The risotto should flow from the pan and not be too runny. This should take about 15 minutes.
                Add the pureed spinach mix well and cook for another 2 minutes . Remove from heat stir in the cheese and butter Taste if it needs more seasoning. Serve in warm bowls

            2. Start with the correct rice as others have stated. Likewise once the stock goes in you are married to the risotto. The more you pay attention to it and treat it with warmth versus high heat, the more you will love it.

              I try different stock combinations and adds. Sometimes vegetable stock, sometimes chicken, sometime fish, sometimes a combo. Adds can include mushrooms, other times peas and asparagus and sometimes as a base for my favorite scallops. It will accept various flavors and you canplay with them over time.

              I absolutely love risotto and the kids think it is the best as well. We have at least once and up to three times per week.