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Feb 4, 2007 02:02 AM

72 hours in NYC. What (cheapeats) NOT to miss?

Hey guys,
I'll be flying up to NYC during the start of March and I'll only have less than 3 days to spend there. Its a really short trip and I want to get the best FOOD experience possible!

My budget isn't very big, cos I'm still a money-scrimping student. But I might put aside money for one GREAT meal.

I basically have 8 meals to think about:
2 Breakfasts;
3 Lunches;
3 Dinners.

No Asian suggestions please, cos I'm Chinese and I'm already stuffed with chinese food on a daily basis! Haha.

Feel free to spring any other suggestions about places to go too! Probably not the touristy sights, cos I've been to them before.


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  1. If one of your breakfast would fall on a weekday (M-F). I would highly recommend checking-out Clinton St. Baking Co. for their Blueberry pancakes and any other breakfast/lunch dish with bacon. It's a very popular weekend brunch place with long lines on the weekend but, easy to get too within the week.

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      Clinton Street Bakery has absolutely insane pancakes- but dude, not even close to cheap eats (relatively speaking for pancakes). In fact, they are the highest priced pancakes I've seen. For a better deal with truly insanely delicious pancakes as well is Pink Teacup on Grove in the West Village. It's a freakin' awesome soul food place serving the best fresh strawberry pancakes anywhere in Manhattan. Get the fried pork chop on the side (yes, it's a standard side order for the pancakes). Enjoy the hell out of it.

    2. Best burgers in the city are found at Corner Bistro -- corner of West 4th and Jane in Greenwich Village. Burgers are about $6, fries are $2. No frills, 7-items menu. M

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        If the Op has time for another burger...check-out the burger at the burger joint of le parker meridien hotel on west 56th bet. 6th and 7th's located behind velvet curtains off the lobby of the hotel...a burger, fries will be less than 10 bucks as well...which i find way better than the old favorite corner bistro. You may opt to try the higher end restos during lunch where some offer good deals for a 3 course pre-fix around the 24 to 30 bucks range vs x3 of that for dinner. Some of the places that have good lunch deals that I would recommend would be Telepan (New American) on W69th ($28 3 course lunch) and Columbus and Devi (Indian) - $24++ for a 3 course prefix. I just went to both places for Restaurant week recently and had good experiences there. If, you haven't been to Katz for a pastrami, I would definitely suggest that you go there too and maybe walk to the nearby appetizing store Russ and Daughters to peruse there smoked fish, etc.

      2. Velselka on lower 2nd Ave. Good breakfast or lunch spot.....diner fare with an eastern european concentration. Excellent soups.

        Otto for great wine, cheese, gelato and "OK" pizza/pasta.

        Taksim for turkish.

        1. A pretzel croissant and hot chocolate from City Bakery (3 W 18th bet 5th and 6th) for a very filling breakfast

          Potato pizza from Sullivan Street Bakery (73 Sullivan St between Spring and Broome) for a light lunch

          For your splurge, consider doing a tasting menu for lunch - a lot of top restaurants have lunch prix fixe menus (although not necessarily every day), and they're a great value - my favorites were Le Bernardin and Bouley ($58 and $38/48 respectively). Then get pizza for dinner. Or eat at the bar at Lupa - if you get a pasta and contorno, and don't drink, you could get out for under $30.

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            All good suggestions. But remember that the original Sullivan Street Bakery (on Sullivan Street) is now called Grandaisy. The Hell's Kitchen branch is still called Sullivan Street Bakery.

          2. Good call on Lupa - we got out of there Friday night for $110 (including tax but not tip, as I don't know what my Customary Dining Conpanion left - he picked up the check, the little dear), including a big salume starter that we shared, an excellent pasta each, and dessert - plus a good bottle of Dolce di Alba. Fabulous service - like, 10 out of 10. Go!

            Also, we had an after-theatre late nightcap and yet another dessert at Gordon Ramsay's London Bar. CDC had, as he said, not only the best rice pudding he's ever had, but the best dessert he's ever had in a resto. It was accompanied by a scoop of mascarpone/pecan ice cream that was so good I didn't even get a taste, dammit, plus a small pitcher of a mango sauce for the pudding. Cost? A measly eight bucks. The taste? Priceless.