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Feb 4, 2007 12:44 AM

Smoked Haddock in Toronto?

Otherwise known as finnan haddie. I know it's probably available at several fish markets, but googling it didn't find me anything and I don't want to have to telephone a bunch of places. Prefer downtown/midtown. Thanks!

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  1. I've seen it at SLM but it's the dyed stuff with artificial flavor added. Last time I saw the real thing was frozen at long-gone Marks and Spencer. Mike's Fish might be able to source it.

    1. Sobey's with a large busy fish counter has frozen smoked cod and haddock. My local source is Brock Rd., Pickering.

      1. In an Industrial area around Steeles and Weston Rd. is a Smoked Fish Factory called Central-Epicure, 501 Garyray Drive, M9L 1P9,, phone 416 745-4323! I have bought various smoked fish there, but check and call first!

        1. Thanks, Jar. Link's dead, though. Are they still afloat?

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            Never tried link, phone them for info. They have beeen there for years and you can smell the smoke at the door and office. Last trip I bought some Ciscoes, Salmon and Trout, all Smoked!

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              The link has an unneeded comma at the end.


          2. Yoy might also try North Fish at the corner of Six Point+Shawbridge just east of Kipling south of the TTC overpass. Nice place with more of an E. European accent.