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Feb 3, 2007 11:51 PM

Best Italian veal sandwich?

I once loved the fact that Montreal used to have a California Sandwiches here but sadly it is now gone. I am looking for a veal sandwich that doesn't go easy on the sauce or peppers ala California Sandwiches and San Francescos in Toronto. Anybody have any ideas?

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  1. I'd try Santangelo's at Guy and Sherbrooke.

    1. Yah, Montreal isn't really known for Veal sandwiches like they are in Toronto. I lived in Toronto for about 2 years (back in Mtl now) and missed all the great Montreal food, but the one thing that Toronto was great for was it's Veal Sandwiches. San Francescos and the one at the St Lawrence Market were great. Santangelo's is the only one I know of in Montreal and I have never even tried it.

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        You are missing out majorly. Santangelo's sandwiches are my absolute favourite in the city.

      2. Motta, right next to the Jean-Talon market will soothe your soul.

        303 AVENUE MOZART EST, MONTRÉAL, QC, Canada - (514) 270-5952

        1. I just went to Santangelo's on the rec. of this thread and I don't really know what the hubbub is about. I had the Veal Parmigiana all dressed and the veal was this weird textureless meat-mush. The sandwich was fine but definitely can't compare to the veal sandwich in the St. Lawrence market in toronto... ah well I was excited as this is my work hood and I was hoping for a new local fave for lunch...

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          1. re: eatsies

            Never had that... it's all about their in-house roasted meats: the porcetta (my favourite), the roast beef, the veal (the regular veal, not the parmigiana). The eggplant is a must-have topping on the sandwiches.

            1. re: eoj

              The only problem at Santangelo's is that their bread is lousy.

              1. re: eat2much

                I have only ever had the ciabatta (the submarine size) and always thought it was pretty good. But clearly I'm the only fan around here.

                1. re: eoj

                  I also have only had the ciabatta and liked everything but the ciabatta.

            2. re: eatsies

              Just found this site....and hate to tell you but you need to try the veal roast sandwich, why would you want to cover up some good veal with breadcrumbs. Santangelos is absolutely the best.......the veal roast is my favourite....cannot wait until there are other Santangelos in and around Montreal.......You cannot even compare TO smoke meat to ours in Montreal, so better try the veal roasts and the other sandwiches at Santangelos cause you are missing out my friend......

            3. The original comment has been removed