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Feb 3, 2007 11:33 PM


Went to Fudruckers for the first time ever, at the Harrah's Casino in New Orleans. This may have been the worst burger I've ever had in my life. Never again.

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  1. I love Fuddruckers burgers. The cooked-to-order meat, the chewy buns... I think they have a really good chain burger IF you don't get that nasty cheese sauce or any of their other special toppings. Stick to lettuce, tomato and pickles. And they have great steak-cut fries too.

    1. I agree with Jim. I really like Fuddruckers. I've had both a hamburger and a turkey burger cooked perfectly and I love the toppings you get to choose from. The fries are great too IMO.

      1. It's been years since I've had Fuddruckers, but I really enjoyed their turkey burgers, especially piled high with their salsa.

        1. I'm curious as to why the OP thought it was the worst burger ever. I am embarking on a personal survey of burger-serving chains since we have an excess of them in my area now. I haven't been to Fuddruckers yet...

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            I had a pretty simple burger: cheddar burger with onions and pickles that I added myself. I just thought it was nasty. I mean it was really, really bad.

            1. re: Blumie

              explain more. what were you looking for that you didn't get? what was repulsive? How on earth was this worse than a fast food burger, or a bar/grill burger?

              1. re: amkirkland

                I apologize for not being able to articulating better, but I was looking for a good tasting burger and this just wasn't. I wasn't expecting a great burger -- I don't know of any national chain that delivers a great burger -- but I was looking for a decent 2am-after-a-night-of-partying burger and this just wasn't it. I know I should give the chain another chance -- no restaurant should be judged based on just one visit -- but I really didn't like it.

                1. re: Blumie

                  Hmmm... "2am-after-a-night-of-partying"... could this be part of the answer? In all honesty I would probably rather spend 1-2 bucks for a fast food burger than 7 for fuddruckers, but I think they're good.

                  1. re: amkirkland

                    No, that's not part of the answer. If anything, that should make it taste better!

                    1. re: Blumie

                      Yeah, but at 2am after a night of partying, the sole of my work boot would taste good if you put enough ketchup on it! Sort of reminds me of those old Stewart Sandwiches the bars used to sell. The only time they tasted any good, was after way too much moose milk!!

                      1. re: mack184

                        I agree... Give me a nice grease bomb burger, like Tommy's in LA.

                        I think you should give Fudds another try. I always get a great burger there.

          2. Our family is a long-time fan of Fuddruckers and look for them wherever we go since we no longer live near one. Their burgers are good, as are the grilled chicken sandwiches (my choice). Wish we had one here.... We now have Five Guys here and think their fries are getting close to Nathan's fries. Cooked in peanut oil. (sorry to the peanut allergy people).