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Went to Fudruckers for the first time ever, at the Harrah's Casino in New Orleans. This may have been the worst burger I've ever had in my life. Never again.

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  1. I love Fuddruckers burgers. The cooked-to-order meat, the chewy buns... I think they have a really good chain burger IF you don't get that nasty cheese sauce or any of their other special toppings. Stick to lettuce, tomato and pickles. And they have great steak-cut fries too.

    1. I agree with Jim. I really like Fuddruckers. I've had both a hamburger and a turkey burger cooked perfectly and I love the toppings you get to choose from. The fries are great too IMO.

      1. It's been years since I've had Fuddruckers, but I really enjoyed their turkey burgers, especially piled high with their salsa.

        1. I'm curious as to why the OP thought it was the worst burger ever. I am embarking on a personal survey of burger-serving chains since we have an excess of them in my area now. I haven't been to Fuddruckers yet...

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            I had a pretty simple burger: cheddar burger with onions and pickles that I added myself. I just thought it was nasty. I mean it was really, really bad.

            1. re: Blumie

              explain more. what were you looking for that you didn't get? what was repulsive? How on earth was this worse than a fast food burger, or a bar/grill burger?

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                I apologize for not being able to articulating better, but I was looking for a good tasting burger and this just wasn't. I wasn't expecting a great burger -- I don't know of any national chain that delivers a great burger -- but I was looking for a decent 2am-after-a-night-of-partying burger and this just wasn't it. I know I should give the chain another chance -- no restaurant should be judged based on just one visit -- but I really didn't like it.

                1. re: Blumie

                  Hmmm... "2am-after-a-night-of-partying"... could this be part of the answer? In all honesty I would probably rather spend 1-2 bucks for a fast food burger than 7 for fuddruckers, but I think they're good.

                  1. re: amkirkland

                    No, that's not part of the answer. If anything, that should make it taste better!

                    1. re: Blumie

                      Yeah, but at 2am after a night of partying, the sole of my work boot would taste good if you put enough ketchup on it! Sort of reminds me of those old Stewart Sandwiches the bars used to sell. The only time they tasted any good, was after way too much moose milk!!

                      1. re: mack184

                        I agree... Give me a nice grease bomb burger, like Tommy's in LA.

                        I think you should give Fudds another try. I always get a great burger there.

          2. Our family is a long-time fan of Fuddruckers and look for them wherever we go since we no longer live near one. Their burgers are good, as are the grilled chicken sandwiches (my choice). Wish we had one here.... We now have Five Guys here and think their fries are getting close to Nathan's fries. Cooked in peanut oil. (sorry to the peanut allergy people).

            1. The gross factor could have been caused by the fact that you went to a Fuddruckers in a casino. IMO chain food that is found in a casino doesn't have to be as good as the chain outside. They know that have you, so they don't have to tried as hard. I went to Rubios for fish tacos inside the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. They were disgusting. The fish was cold and the cabbage was dried and old. It is also like the food court at the mall. I like the Fuddruckers by my house, the burgers are good.

              1. my whole family loves fuddruckers. we use to go to the one in pasadena (in ca) but they closed it. i believe they lost their lease. we were all upset. likely they opened a new one in ontario. my parents and sisters always order the hamburger. i go back and forth between the turkey burger, chicken sandwich, and chicken tenders. i absolutely love their french fries and the jalapeno cheese sauce. yum.

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                1. re: goldenroxy

                  There's one near the mall in Burbank... a lot closer to Pasadena than Ontario is.

                  I like Fudd's usually. The buffalo burger is quite tasty, the turkey burger is good, and the nachos might be the best value for $5 you can find.

                2. Fudd's is okay. Not great by any means, but okay.

                  I suppose my biggest problem with them is the bun-to-beef ratio. WAY too much bun compared to the hamburger.

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                    1. re: Bostonbob3

                      I haven't been to Fuddrucker's in a long time, but I remember that the toppings are all at a self-serve bar. So if you pile on the toppings (as I do), a bigger bun isn't necessarily a drawback.

                      Frankly, I've never understood complaints about any burger joint's buns being too large. It's just something extra to nibble on, like a generous portion of fries. I think the real question is whether the burger is too small - and I don't recall that being the case at Fuddrucker's.

                      1. re: Arthur

                        I agree Arthur. The burger is a perfect size and is satisfying IMO, even if it doesn't fill the entire space of the bun. I simply fill in with the toppings.

                        1. re: AnneM

                          I'm more frustrated by the height

                          1. re: amkirkland

                            Yeah, it's just way too much bread no matter which size Fudd burger. I want the predominant taste of my burger to be beef, not bread.

                      2. re: Bostonbob3

                        They offer a few different patty weights. I doubt they use different buns depending on the patty size. Maybe a bigger patty would ease your ratio dissatisfaction.

                      3. Cooked to order? Are they allowing that again? I used to love Fuddruckers, but I stopped going when they instituted a "no pink" policy.

                        1. Backyard.
                          Don't know if any of you are privy to the Backyard Hamburger chain ,if so it really is worth a try,I also am a hamburger buff, so when I tried the place I was pleasantly surprised, It's been a long time since I had a good burger like that for the price,I think it was 3 bucks for a 1/3 pound black angus burger, the onion rings are also very good.

                          1. We just went last night. Excellent burger, juicy, cooked to order, bread soft and fresh. I can add exactly what I want and how much I want. What is up with no salt and pepper shakers on the tabe. They had some up by the condiment bar with a sign that said please refrain from taking them to the tables. Is there a shortage?

                            1. I've found Fudds to be rather inconsistent. One of the sites in my area is nearly always good, while another is always disappointing. I haven't been there in a while, and they apparently don't have baked potatoes anymore, which I always preferred to the fries. Also, I won't be going back if they refuse to cook me a medium rare burger. It really pisses me off that so many restaurants are essentially telling us that they can't guarantee that their meat isn't contaminated. And even worse are the ones that ask you how you want your meat cooked, and give it to you well done no matter what you request.

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                              1. re: Vladimir Estragon

                                Exactly. Any burger that isn't a diner burger should be cooked medium rare or below, or it's ruined. Most people eat whatever they're served and drown it in condiments. They can't tell the difference between good or bad.

                                1. re: streetsmart

                                  Sure, as long as you like the taste of cold, bloody meat. I can't stand rare. I like a hot pink center with a bit of char on the outside if possible. I also think that burgers should be cooked one step up from how you like steaks. If you like medium-rare steaks your burger should be cooked medium, medium steak/medium-well burger, etc.

                              2. I think they have great burgers and I love the condiment bar (even the CHEEZ sauce)

                                1. LOVE Fudd's, I agree with you KellBell, gotta love the Cheez sauce (I put the jalapeno one on my fries) I am very picky about my meat after working in kitchens for years; this is one of the few places I will eat a burger. I will NEVER, EVER,EVER eat one from the 99.

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                                  1. re: LovesFoieGras

                                    Ok, everyone. I promise to give the place another try. It's rare for me to react so negatively to a burger, but I really disliked the one they served me.

                                    1. re: Blumie

                                      Personally, I think you were about right with your first impresson.

                                      It's an acceptable burger I guess, but far, far from great.

                                      1. re: Bostonbob3

                                        remember that their first impression was "worst burger I've ever had in my life."

                                        1. re: amkirkland

                                          True enough. It's not nearly as horrible as say, Burger King. Still, I wouldn't go out of my way, or even stop in if I drove by a Fuddruckers.

                                          Too many really good smaller places out there.

                                          1. re: Bostonbob3

                                            uh oh, now you've started a fight : ). I certainly wouldn't pay 5 dollars for one, but for a buck ( or two, depending on where you are) a whopper's a good sandwich.

                                            1. re: amkirkland

                                              It's a sandwich, I'll give you that much. :))

                                    2. I have to agree with an earlier comment. I grew up with my parents sometimes taking me to Fudd's. Always liked it when the parents took me. Even though I'm older and would double think going simply b/c I'm trying to be 'healthy' I am a fan of 2am drunk food. BUT my point is...it could very well be that it was in a casino. I live in South Lake Tahoe, right by the casinos on the Nevada side and being the 'powers' that they are they can have a chain restaurant in their building but they own and operate it...not the chain, a little different than the usual franchise rules...basically they are kinda independant..and perhaps just don't care.

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                                        Certainly possible. I'll try a non-casino location next time.

                                      2. I recently went to a Fuddruckers in Georgia. It had lousy burgers, which was too bad since I remember going to a now-closed Fuddruckers in the SF Bay Area that had really good burgers.

                                        1. It seems the sentiment is that they vary quite a bit. Personally, I've never had any medium-rare ground beef I'd consider bad (from anywhere), and I've never had a problem getting my burger cooked correctly at Fuddrucker's. I'm a little curious about what has made it so bad for people, aside from their feelings on the condiments. No one is making you put stuff on it, you know?

                                          1. I don't like Fuddruckers at all. I'm no food snob but the burger I got there was no better than a fast food burger and my food was cold. I'd never go of my own volition (haven't been back since). This by the way was the location in Plano TX.

                                            1. Usually love Fuddruckers but had a bad experience at Logan Airport recently. We complained with a letter to the corporate office and received a personal phone call from the owner of that franchise about a month later. He was extremely apologetic and we got our money back. I was impressed with that.

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                                              1. re: rcburli

                                                Where are they at Logan? In Terminal A?

                                                1. re: Blumie

                                                  Yes, past security, through the long underground passage and then up to the food court.

                                              2. I think it's telling that many of the negative reports posted on this page have been at Fuddrucker branches situated in places like casino and airport food courts. It doesn't seem like there are as many complaints about the more independent, freestanding locations.

                                                1. Been several times to the one in N. Andover, Ma. and always pleased. Pink too. I like med. rare. I loved the flavor, good fresh beef, kept the toppings simple and went with the 1/2 lb which was a great bun/beef ratio. Haven't been to any other fudds though, only this one.

                                                  1. I really like their steak sandwiches, never tried their burgers. But in college, we used to go quite often.