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Feb 3, 2007 11:15 PM

no Piknic (Playa Vista)

My parents, who live in Marina Del Rey, meant well. They know I have distinct opinions about restaurants, so when we went to see them tonight, they told us they had a surprise place to take us too. I was thrilled that we weren't hitting up the usual suspects (26 Beach, Jerrys).

I don't know how new Piknic is, but it's a part of the Playa Vista development that is alive with a few stores, a Coffee Bean and this restaurant (Piknic).

The food wasn't terrible, I think I just ordered badly.

My tortilla soup was good and the portion was generous.

My Mac and Cheese was just disgusting, it had crab in it, which in theory sounded like it might be good, but in reality, just totally inedible. My husbands pizza was limp and tasteless. Mom liked her chicken picada and Dad liked his pressed ham and cheese sandwich, so at least they were happy.

The place is cute, the staff is nice. The menu is pretty varied which is great for a neighborhood place. Breakfast menu looked promising.

I think I just ordered badly or Mom and Dad are easier to please.

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  1. Haven't been there yet, though I work nearby. Some of my co-workers have mentioned (complained) that it's expensive for dinner.

    1. I live in Playa Vista and it is a bit pricy, but they make great salads and lighter meals, including breakfast. Definitely worth a trip if you work nearby for their salmon/spinach salad.

      1. I went once for lunch and liked it - had the burger and fries - I guess this is kinda hard to screw up though. Had a yummy smoothie too. I plan on going back again soon to try more stuff... Love the easy parking.