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Feb 3, 2007 09:56 PM

Good-priced fresh seafood for home cooking?

Besides Granville Island and those high-end stores (e.g. capers, IGA), where can I buy good-priced fresh seafood (e.g. squid, prawn, clam) for home cooking?

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  1. T&T Grocery Stores have excellent seafood options

    1. Sakanaya Japanes Fish market - on South Granville. They sell sushi quality fresh fish, as well as sashimi, sushi rolls and a few other Japanese foods.

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      1. re: JWh

        I am so confused about this. I had always understood that all sushi fish had to be frozen in order to kill the parasite beasties. But restaurant reviewers are always going on about about the freshness of the fish. What's up?

        Regardless, I do intend to check out the Sakanaya.

        1. re: waver

          Not all, just some that may have parasites that affect people, eg. salmon. Others, eg. tuna, doesn't have to be frozen to be safe. "Never frozen" is not necessarily the best measure of freshness, some frozen-at-sea fish are way fresher than days-old fish that got to market just as soon as the ship docked. Some fish lose something in taste and texture if they're frozen, some don't.

      2. How far are you willing to go? Weekends at the Steveston wharf might be an option for the open boat markets. Some of the nearby shops at Steveston Landing and the other along No 1. Road are other option for good-priced fresh seafood.

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        1. re: Florentine

          i've heard about Steveston, but never got a chance to go there.
          heard about a really delicious fish and chip restaurant there too.
          i think i hv to check it out then.

          1. re: luuuu

            Pajo's and Dave's are argued to be the best fish and chips. Worthy if you're craving a filling meal! :)

        2. There's a little seafood store in Oakridge Mall (near Kin's and the library) I've had good success with them...