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Feb 3, 2007 09:40 PM

JAR-ring Noise

I took two of my sons to Jar last night in West Hollywood. They have redecorated it since the last time I was there 2 years ago. From the first second we arrived (Valet Parking), we were treated wonderfully. The greeter/seater was polite and very well kept. Our waitress was cheerful and well informed about the food and it's preparation. The wine list was very diverse and affordable. The food was superb. I had an aged KC steak on the bone with a Pork belly salad to start - just great. One of my boys had a porterhouse that was cooked perfectly and started with an Iceberg lettece wedge with a very tangy blue cheese dressing. My other son had a beautiful rib eye steak and started with "The Jar" Red Belgian Endive Caesar Salad with garlic croutons. Of course we had the famous french fries with garlic and parsley. The food, the service the decor was really (really) good. My boys, who are in their early 20's and just becoming "Foodies" said it was one of their favorite restaurants. That's a real good report, don't you think? Well, there was a downside. It was so noisey in Jar that the real premise for me calling an "All Boys Family Business Conference" was shot down as soon as we were seated. We were yelling at eachother and after about 10 minutes, I said we will have breakfast together in the morning to talk business and lets just enjoy the food and wine tonight. Well we did just that but on my ride home I thought about ambiance. It does count. And when your spending $100.00 a person (with tip) you should be able to talk to the person next to you without shouting. Which brings me to a question to my fellow chowhounds: What restaurant would you recommend that has terrific food, great service, beautiful decor and a pleasent acoustic?

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  1. The acoustics in Jar have always been a problem.

    1. I like Grace in terms of ambiance and decor. Lots of wood and plush upholstery allows conversation to be muted. There's also a rear room that is probably meant more for large parties, but that's separate too.

      Michael's has great ambiance, also, so you might want to check that out.

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        I second Grace, but ask for a table in the back room. It's smaller and even quieter than the main dining room.

      2. Week nights tend to be easier on the ears as there are often fewer people in the restaurant. Secondly, the smaller tables directly to the rear of the hostess station tend to be a little bit quieter, yet are deuces, so beware.
        Glad to hear the quality of the food and wine has not dropped. Still a favorite, regardless of noise.

        1. I was at Jar a couple of weeks ago and didn't find it too noisy. I think the key may be when you go. We often go to dinner around 7, and find that the place is pretty empty when we get there, and full and noisier when we leave. So my advice is to continue to eat wherever you like the food, but try making your reservation for an hour earlier.

          1. We like the acoustics at Cut and noticed that the tables were placed far from each other. Otherwise, unfortunately, your question has stumped me. Most of my favorite places to eat are too noisy, and many in our family wear hearing aids (or should!) and that's tough -- the noise is very hard on them and I am exhausted from shouting throughout a meal. My dad is the hardest of hearing, so I put him as close to me as possible so that I can speak without yelling. It really does detract from the experience.