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Feb 3, 2007 09:01 PM

Winterlicious Jump Cafe Review

I went to Jump tonight for Winterlicious with 3 other friends, the reservation was for 9pm, wanted earlier but that's the only time I could get on a Saturday.

When we got there we waited for about 5 minutes, they promptly checked our coats and were seated. The place was very crowded, but had a very upscale modern feel and the seating was quite private.

We ordered a bottle of red wine, a very nice Australian Merlot, which was delivered very promptly and the waiter was very friendly, the only thing was the person who opened our wine was different from the waiter and the bottle of wine disappeared from the table and we had to ask for it back!

Three of us had the grilled calamari with anchovies, capers, black olives and it was very good with decent portion. Our friend's Caesar salad was very fresh and she enjoyed it.

All of us had the braised beef ribs with roasted sweet potatoes and as the waiter suggested it was very tender and melt in your mouth good. As for portion size it was decent, although I could have had another portion!

We all had Chocolate and Expresso Cheesecake, it was a small portion but because it was so rich, it was appropriate.

The service was good, not great, I think mostly because they were so busy. However, our waiter was nice and asked us between the entree and dessert whether we wanted some time before he served dessert, which was considerate. The noise level was moderately loud but not so loud that we couldn't hear each other talk.

As for the prices, looking at the menu, the entrees on the regular menu ran in the 20's so I would say that we got a pretty good deal. I saw a couple of non-Winterlicious entrees and they were similar in portion size to ours. This is particularly relevant as I have heard that some restaurants skimp on portion size and quality during this time and it wasn't the case. I also liked the fact that they had a separate Winterlicious menu with separate recommended wine list specific to the menu.

All in all, I would give the service a 7 out of 10, the atmosphere a 9 out of 10 and the meal an 8.5 out of 10. Would consider going back. This is only my second time at a "Licious", last summer I went to Fred's Not Here, and I liked the meal slightly better, they gave you more choice and more food, the service was similar but the atmosphere at Jump was much nicer. Had a great time though, with great company with me!

Interested to see other Oliver Bonacini restaurant reviews for Winterlicious.

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  1. You said that your waiter was nice, polite and even asked if you wanted a break between your meal and your dessert...but then you rate the service 7/10. Why is that? Just curious...I used to work as a waiter while in university & I am still amazed by what some call "good" service.
    Sounds like you had great service, most certainly considering the fact that it was winterlicious.
    I've never been to Jump but I think I'll give it a try!

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      Good question, I suppose maybe I was a bit harsh, it could easily have been an 8. The waiter was nice and friendly. I think the only reason I didn't give higher was that there were a few times when we were looking for the waiter, he was somewhat difficult to find, for example when we had our entire meal, and our wine glasses were empty and at the end we needed to ask for our bottle of wine, he explained that he wasn't the person who poured our wine. Very nitpicky of me, yes, and it was quite busy, I guess one never knows how many tables he was waiting last night. I do recommend the place though!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Well then, they keep the wine off the table for several reasons. If the wine (white) is in a cooler, or decanter (red) it takes a bit of extra space, so, it is better for service purposes to not have it on the table. If the sommelier was the one that opened your wine and not the waiter, it must have been a nice bottle and then it gets treated better then your regular house bottle.

      2. There was no decanter, one of my friends remarked that it was a nice bottle of wine, but actually considerably cheaper in price than the usual (I am not a big wine drinker when going out for dinner). It was 28 dollars for the bottle of wine, it was one of the featured Winterlicious wines. I'm no expert on wines though but I was happy with it! Like I said I'm new to all of this really, I can only give my newbie opinion, I am not used to the "sommelier" pouring our wine.

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        1. re: sexyaznboy

          in truly 'formal' service, the wine is kept at a central 'wine table' and poured for you -- it's unusual to see this tradition in TO restaurants, and probably would have been wise to drop it for a really busy night. But 'technically' it is more casual / less formal and therefore, not of the finest etiquette to leave the wine bottle on the table.

        2. Thanks, I definitely learned something new about restaurant etiquette. Of course I am totally being nitpicky, I think the restaurant deserved an 8 or 8.5/10 overall. It definitely was a pleasant surprise after reading the board and how many people are turned off Winterlicious/Summerlicious. Batting 2 for 2 now, so not too bad!