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Granny's Carolina Barbeque, Columbia SC

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Had lunch there today, so here is my take on the place:

Atmosphere is spot-on. Located on Highway 6 near Lake Murray Dam, it's in a small, inviting structure. There's a walk-up window and a dining room with bufffet. We chose to dine in.

Waitress took drink orders at the table. Beer! Yay! Then off to the buffet. First trip I sampled the pulled pork, green beans, sweet potato cassarole, rice with hash, mac and cheese, field peas, and hushpuppies.

Pork was tender, no fat, but without the first hint of smoke. Come to think of it, I detected nary a whiff as I entered. Hmm. Three sauces available at the table. For a change I liked their mustard best. Not too overpowering. It helped.

Beans - fine. Sweet potatoes - ok. Rice - undercooked, a tad crunchy, inexcusable. Hash - so-so. Slightly tomatoey but not bad. Mac and cheese - looked better than it tasted, more cheddar than ricotta, and with a nice browned edge, but still not real flavorful. Field peas - well, how can you mess those up? Hushpuppies were good but not memorable.

I returned to the buffet for a fried chicken thigh. Although it looked overcooked - a bit too brown - it was surprisingly good. Very good. Crispy, not-too-salty skin, and moist meat.

Also on the bar were baked chicken, sausage with peppers (Saturday only I think), collards, peach cobbler, two other desserts ( I think banana pudding and another), slaw, potato salad, and pickles. Tried none of these.

I guess on a scale of one to ten, ten being best (as in Sweatman's or Lexington #1), I'd give Granny's a six or low seven. Their atmosphere, beer, and fried chicken, being their best assets, upped their grade considerably.

Should I be in the area I'd return. But if I were looking for good 'que in Columbia Metro I'd opt for Little Pigs, Hudson's, or Boar's Nest over Granny's.

$7.50 lunch. Closed Sundays.

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  1. I agree about the pork and I found it to be a little dry. They have very food fried catfish - I don't know which day it is offered on the buffet. I really liked the mac & cheese, field peas and the corn fritters.