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Tabla Bread Bar Recs

I haven't been in a while. I know most on this board don't find it authentic. It isn't but it's a damn good place for food and very good cocktails. Anyway, what's good there lately? Thanks in advance for your help.


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  1. I would go with the chicken tikka, great flavor although the helpings aren't that large. The pulled lamb & mashed potato naanini is a winner for many - the company I was with loved it, I wasn't blown away, but a good try. Sadly, many of the naans we tried were surprisingly tough and very disappointing. For dessert, you can't go wrong with the doughnut holes that come with 3 different dipping sauces; caramel, vanilla and chocolate I believe.

    1. the lamb nanini sandwich with a "Censored" aka "The Chronic" beer (Lagunitas Brewing Company) is the way to go.

      1. As far as cocktails, the Kachumber Kooler is great - cucumber, cilantro and a hint of hot pepper. I prefer it with vodka rather than gin.

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          Was just about to post a rec for the same cocktail - delicious.

        2. I had a really, really mediocre lunch there about a year ago. Can't even remembered what I ordered, but I vowed I wouldn't go back. I like the main restaurant, however.

          1. the chicken tikka is excellent, the cheddar naan is very tasty, they ahve a goan avocado salad which is very nice- also try a selection of the chutneys- the menu varies but overall I ahve always been very happy with the food there

            1. love the chicken tikka - (Curry Leaf is much better though) - The lamb and potato nannini is amazing as well. the tandori black pepper shrimp is pretty good too.

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                Nannini? Are you thinking of the panforte and bakery in Siena, or do they actually use that name at Tabla Bread Bar?

              2. Garlic Naan and the cauliflower caldin!

                1. They had oxtail samosis when we were there, for one of their specials, and we ended up ordering 2 orders of them..They were excellent! The cheddar cheese naan bread was very good...I did not like the saag paneer pizza, and I generally like saag paneer...The onion rings were yummy, as was their doughnut dessert...they were very satisfying...

                  1. Hey everyone,
                    We had a great time. And I mean a great time. Not the best food in NY or the most elegant dining experience, just a real blast. The lamb nanini was great as was the avocado salad, the saag paneer pizza and of course the chutneys. The cocktails were fun and tasted even better with the food. I'm happy to go to Queens for real Indian but for a casual night out with a bunch of foodies in Manhattan, this was perfect.

                    1. I chickened out of walking into the too intimidating looking EMP and found myself inside the little enclave of the Tabla Bread Bar last night.

                      The service was great and the whole experience was great fun.

                      The grilled shrimp in black pepper was really crunchy and tasty, you eat the whole thing ... (however the tandoori chicken and the lamb dish were somewhat disappointing).

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                        Two points:
                        1) newportt2004-don't be intimidated by EMP-it's a very friendly place, and well worth a visit.
                        2) I know there's an active dispute concerning Tabla/Bread bar, but the chef, Floyd Cardoz is from Mumbai, so I think it is "real" Indian cuisine, albeit a fusion style.

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                          Is it? Thanks! ... Since I will be by myself, will I feel more comfortable sitting at the bar? And if so, can I still order from the regular menu (e.g., the tasting menu .. the "gourmand"?)

                          And I will pick up a few take outs on my way home from Shake Shacks ... (Still kicking myself for my slow thinking from Saturday night.)

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                            I know they have a bar menu, but I'm not sure if you can order off the main menu or not-I've never done it.
                            I don't think sitting at a table would be a problem, if you'd prefer that...it's got a mixed crowd-not just a "date" kind of place.