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buddha's hand citron?

j6p Feb 3, 2007 07:24 PM

buddha's hand citron
i've seen them at wholefoods in the states any one seen them here?

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  1. p
    phisherking RE: j6p Feb 3, 2007 09:01 PM

    got some at harvest wagon in rosedale last year. Haven't been there in a few weeks though, but they were good,and a great conversation piece!

    1. ChefGirl412 RE: j6p Feb 3, 2007 09:48 PM

      First time I saw them was at Lazy Acres grocery in Santa Barbara. They were actually used as an ingredient on a recent Iron Chef America. They're cool.

      1. m
        mjalz RE: j6p Feb 3, 2007 09:49 PM

        The Hungry Cat Restaurant makes a rum or vodka drink with a hand of buddha. It is one of the best drinks you will ever have!

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        1. re: mjalz
          ChefGirl412 RE: mjalz Feb 3, 2007 09:55 PM

          Where exactly is The Hungry Cat Restaurant ? I'm there;)

          1. re: ChefGirl412
            mjalz RE: ChefGirl412 Feb 7, 2007 08:57 PM

            In Hollywood in the lobby of a big building next to a parking lot. It's really a great restaurant. It's hard to get a reservation but really worth the wait.

        2. orangewasabi RE: j6p Feb 4, 2007 06:04 AM

          I have seen them at the Whole Foods in Hazelton the last few times I have been there.

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          1. re: orangewasabi
            j6p RE: orangewasabi Feb 4, 2007 07:08 AM

            really? that's great i'll check that out!

          2. f
            FlavoursGal RE: j6p Feb 4, 2007 07:51 AM

            j6p, I'm curious as to how you plan to use this citron. Do you use it only for its zest, or do you slice it and add it to dishes?

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            1. re: FlavoursGal
              j6p RE: FlavoursGal Feb 4, 2007 11:34 AM

              the zest can be used to flavour just about anything, I like it in tea actually
              You can also lice it and stuff it inside fish, it's completely edible and it's rind is not bitter like lemon or other citrus

            2. f
              FlavoursGal RE: j6p Feb 4, 2007 11:48 AM

              Thanks, j6p. I'll be sure to buy one the next time I see it.

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